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With Choozle, marketers gain the confidence to manage their digital media effortlessly.

All-In-One Platform

We’re your gateway to advertising across top DSP platforms like The Trade Desk, Amazon, and more. Manage campaigns across various channels and devices easily, and say hello to streamlined efficiency as you access and rule them all from one unified platform.

Comprehensive Audience Targeting Options

Elevate your strategy with our suite of audience-targeting solutions. Benefit from first-party data onboarding, tap into cutting-edge third-party targeting tools, implement precision ABM targeting, and explore a wide array of tailored options.

Premium Inventory Access

Securing audience engagement demands access to premium inventory. Leveraging our catalog of quality inventory from over 140 supply partners empowers advertisers to achieve campaign objectives effectively.

Industry-Leading Media Buying—at Scale

Choozle’s platform seamlessly integrates with premium Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), including The Trade Desk, Amazon Ads, and Walmart Connect. Maximize your budget and impact with industry-leading media buying capabilities.

Automated AI Optimization

Discover the transformative power of our in-platform AI optimization for ad groups. Boost CPMs on top-performing inventory, trim underperforming inventory, and direct spend to your chosen KPIs. Enabled across ten dimensions, it revolutionizes efficiency across channels and audiences. Unleash the potential of our optimization engine for a revamped advertising strategy.

Reporting & Analytics

Choozle’s robust reporting ensures you’re never in the dark. Track campaign performance in real-time with detailed metrics, including pacing, spend, impressions, clicks, Win Rate, CPM, and CPA. Optimize your campaigns by monitoring pacing, spending, impressions, clicks, and conversion rates. Our data pipeline, powered by Snowflake, Looker, and Fivetran, delivers real-time insights and actionable data.

Feature-Rich Campaign Management

Navigate the world of digital advertising with Choozle, the intuitive platform that puts unparalleled control and flexibility at your fingertips. Designed for marketers and agencies who demand smarter, more efficient advertising solutions, Choozle offers a streamlined approach to planning, executing, and analyzing campaigns.

Real-Time Bidding

Access to various demand-side platforms for real-time ad bidding, ensuring you get the best prices for ad placements.

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Multiple targeting options, including geo-location, behavior, and demographics, to reach the most relevant audiences.

Cross-Device Support

Create and manage seamless campaigns across desktop, mobile, and other devices.


Creative Management

Upload, edit, and manage ad creatives within the platform for more cohesive campaigns.

Budget Control

Detailed budget allocation and tracking features to manage your ad spending effectively.

Audience Insights

Gain valuable insights into audience behavior to refine your targeting and messaging strategies.

Third-Party Integrations

Easily integrate with external tools and platforms for added functionality and data sharing.

Brand Safety & Ad Fraud Prevention

Security features to identify and prevent fraudulent activities affecting your campaign performance.

Campaign Scheduling

Plan and schedule your campaigns in advance for consistent messaging and optimized delivery.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Execute and manage campaigns across various online platforms, including social media, search, and display networks.

Data-Driven Targeting

Access over 60 third-party data providers and exclusive retail data and dive into 10,000+ private marketplace deals for direct access to premium content.

Single Login

Purchase programmatic CTV or orchestrate dynamic display ads in one place—no more juggling credentials.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Social Media

Digital Out-Of-Home





Connected TV

Display TV

Social Media

Digital Out-Of-Home





Connected TV

Display TV

Our Technology Ecosystem

Where world-class technology meets unmatched service. Explore our robust suite of managed-service capabilities, fueled by strategic partnerships with leading data and identity providers. Whether you prefer hands-on control with self-service advertising or tailored support from our expert team, Choozle empowers advertisers to elevate their digital advertising efforts with unparalleled access to enterprise-level tools.


Unlimited! Add as many users to your organization account as you’d like. You can easily remove and update permissions, too.

Set up your Organization Account, then manage as many advertiser accounts as you’d like under that. You can even set up different payment methods for each advertiser account or have your accounts inherit the organization level’s credit card.

By partnering with best-in-class partners, Choozle inherits adherence to industry standards for audience data onboarding and segmentation, ensuring platform interoperability and data fidelity.

Yes, Choozle integrates with advanced analytics platforms like Google Analytics, enabling cross-channel attribution modeling and granular audience segmentation for deeper insights into campaign performance and audience behavior.

Choozle, and the partners we work with employ a data-driven approach beyond traditional cookie-based targeting. In anticipation of a cookie-less future, our platform allows you to harness your CRM data with our direct-to-LiveRamp integration, create custom audience segments, implement geo-targeting strategies, and more. This ensures that advertisers can continue to effectively reach their desired audiences even in the absence of cookies.

Choozle’s data pipeline, powered by tools like Snowflake, Looker, and Fivetran, acts as a high-speed rail for insights, providing users with real-time metrics, trends, and actionable data. Our integrations allow for seamless data flow and analysis, ensuring users can access timely and accurate insights. Additionally, our solution is extendable to any reporting platform with a Snowflake connection, providing flexibility and compatibility with existing reporting infrastructure.

Choozle offers a seamless onboarding experience for first-party data through its direct-to-LiveRamp integration. This integration lets users quickly onboard their data onto the platform, reducing the time and effort required to start their campaigns.

Choozle offers a low-code site tagging solution known as the Smart Container Tag. Powered by Ensighten, this innovative technology simplifies site tagging by automatically deploying tracking pixels to relevant areas, ensuring accurate data collection without requiring extensive manual pixel placement.

Choozle’s Smart Container Tag seamlessly manages conversion tracking and retargeting segments. Similar to having a digital fairy godmother, this technology ensures that tracking pixels are strategically placed, enabling advertisers to engage with their audiences and optimize campaign performance effectively.

The direct-to-LiveRamp integration streamlines CRM data uploading, offering higher fidelity and visibility into matching and distribution while reducing dependency on third-party cookies. It improves processing times and ensures compliance with current and future regulations, safeguarding user privacy and maintaining industry standards. Trust us, you don’t want a homegrown solution here—you want a partner who knows what they’re doing—and that partner is LiveRamp.

To recap, our platform runs media through the best DSPs, is easy and intuitive to use, and has robust targeting and reporting capabilities. But if you’re still reading, you probably want to know more – so let’s connect! 

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