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What is Retail Media?

Retail media leverages large retailers’ robust purchase data sets and sites/apps. It allows us to attribute online and in-store Walmart and Kroger sales to advertising campaigns. Retail media is key as we move from an opt-out internet to an opt-in one.

Activate retailer data to reach more of your most valuable customers

Retail data & activation enhances how brands reach their best audiences at scale and measure campaign effectiveness.

Deterministic & Future-Proof

Verified data based on loyalty programs and online & in-store purchases

& Scalable

Purchase behavior is the number one predictor of future behaviors

Lifetime Customer Data

Years of customer data means accurate life stage and lifestyle segments

Cross-Channel Accountability

Measure holistically across every channel

Partnership Overview

In partnership with The Trade Desk, Choozle has a seat on Walmart DSP to execute media buys leveraging their first-party data and closed-loop measurement.

Advertisers will be able to target Walmart shoppers with precision and scale. Advertisers can also measure the impact of their media on driving sales at Walmart stores, on, and through curbside pickup & delivery.

150 MM

Weekly Customers


Online Grocer


U.S. Stores


eCommerce Platform

Our Retail Data Marketplace

Available Today:

Connected TV Digital Advertising for Retail

High Engagement: CTV captures viewers’ attention more effectively than many other digital formats due to its immersive and high-quality content.

Targeted Advertising: Retailers can use first-party data to deliver personalized ads to specific audience segments, increasing the relevance and impact of their messages.

Measurable Outcomes: With CTV, retailers can track ad performance in real-time, enabling them to adjust campaigns for better results and optimize their ad spend.

Multi-Device Reach: CTV ads can reach consumers across various devices, ensuring consistent messaging whether the viewer is at home or on the go.

Enhanced Storytelling: The visual and auditory capabilities of CTV allow retailers to create compelling narratives that resonate with audiences, driving brand loyalty and sales.

Integration with Other Channels: CTV can seamlessly integrate with other marketing channels, enhancing the overall effectiveness of a retailer’s advertising strategy.

Why Select Choozle for Your Retail Media Needs?

Stay ahead of the competition with Choozle’s advanced retail media solutions. Harness the power of top DSPs, SSPs, and innovative technologies to drive your advertising success. Contact us today to learn more and start your journey towards unparalleled retail media performance.

Drive profits and ensure your ad spend achieves sales goals efficiently with Choozle’s Retail Media Management solutions. Leverage share of voice to drive overall growth with the same ad spend.

Gain actionable insights with our comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. Track the performance of your campaigns in real-time and make data-driven decisions to optimize your strategy.

Offer customizable ad products to media buyers, leveraging your first-party data to target users outside owned properties. Our platform allows you to tailor your advertising approach to your unique business needs.

Our team of digital media experts are here to meet you where you are on your digital journey. Whether you’re looking to leverage our self-service platform or managed services, we’re ready to chat about your Display, CTV, Native, Audio, Video, DOOH, Search or Social advertising needs.