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Reach highly engaged audiences with audio advertising

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Complement your existing online and offline branding campaigns with audio advertising. Choozle provides access to programmatic audio-specific publishers like Spotify, Triton, and TargetSpot.

Our suite of features lets you target audio ads with relevant geolocations and custom audiences to drive a digital advertising campaign that gets your brand heard.

  • Increase brand awareness and purchase intent
  • Reach unique audiences
  • Track live campaign results
  • Guarantee brand safety

Choozle sources audio advertising placements through two options: private marketplaces (PMP) and the open marketplace. You have the option to either run an ad with the open marketplace by targeting audio creative OR through the private marketplace (PMP) by applying an audio deal. PMP audio deals are pre-negotiated contracts or contract groupings for each partner that include details on placement, specific genres, playlists, demographic traits, and more.

Have your ads heard on premium audio inventory

Features available for each audio-specific publisher