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Planning and Strategy

If you are looking for a partner from the very beginning of the process, the first thing we will do is sit down with you and work out exactly what you’re trying to achieve. That will allow us to create a tailor-made strategy that will help you reach your goals with greater speed and efficiency. Are you looking to drive sales, awareness or both? Are you going to measure your results through clicks, impressions, conversions, revenue or a combination of those? Who is your target market and why? What is the most effective digital mix for you, from display to search to social? Of course, we’ll be asking even more questions, but that should give you an idea of the ways in which we examine your needs to bring you the ideal results.

Buying and Execution

This is where our proprietary tech-enabled system, the Choozle platform, creates your brand’s launch pad. We start by collaborating with you to ensure your creative executions are consistent with your strategy, whether that’s display, video, CTV, native or audio. Next we set your goal, budget and flight dates. Once they are in place we can select your audience, either by uploading your own, or by leveraging our connections with custom audience partners. Whether it’s demographic or psychographic, our audience section process will hit your target’s bullseye every time.

Measurement and Reporting

What’s happening? Does it match your goals? What can you learn for next time? We can give you the reporting you need to show results and effectiveness, clearly and concisely. We can replace complexity with clarity. And ultimately, we can make you look good to your clients or your boss.

Our team of digital media experts are here to meet you where you are on your digital journey. Whether you’re looking to leverage our self-service platform or managed services, we’re ready to chat about your Display, CTV, Native, Audio, Video, DOOH, Search or Social advertising needs.