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An Independent & Self-Service Digital Advertising Software Platform

Ad Buying Power at Scale

Real-time programmatic advertising platform built for streamlined operation, yet powerful enough to handle campaigns at scale.


Premium Data at Your Fingertips

Access to 60-plus premium third-party data providers including streamlined activation of first-party data with Web Insights and CRM onboarding.


Flexible Ad Buying Platform

No minimum ad spend. Unlimited advertiser accounts. Pay-as-you-go subscriptions for ad buying and data products with the guidance you need.


Superior Support & Quick Set-Up

Take the wheel and drive yourself in no time. We will ride shotgun as long as you need. Unlimited training, webinars and video courses.


No tech skills required

A design-focused platform, Choozle blends user-experience with powerful, first-in-class tools. We integrate the most powerful targeting, buying, and execution features in a self-service platform, with no minimum ad spend. Gain access to every programmatic impression there is, just like the big spenders. You want more clients, not more ad tech to manage.

Why Choozle

Plan, Target and Execute Digital Advertising

Don’t pay for an aircraft carrier when perhaps you only need a speedboat. Gain full control of your media budgets today and stop wasting money on transactional costs. Gain efficiencies on all aspects of the media-buying process.


Focus on your business and less on tedious tasks. Choozle simplifies the digital marketing process so you can grow your agency and achieve ROI for your clients. Don’t worry if programmatic is still a mystery, we’ll help along the way.

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Management of campaigns has never been easier with Choozle. Tap into powerful industry-leading programmatic media buying tools that make you look like a rock star. Stop scraping by and start focusing on what’s imperative: the bigger picture.

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Scale your digital offerings by capturing the entire digital media budget of your clients and agency partners. Drive ROI and capture a better margin through scalable programmatic advertising campaigns including video, display, mobile and social.

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“Choozle has given our agency expanded digital capabilities that provide a tangible advantage for our clients. Our clients have benefitted from better results and more campaign accountability.”
Jeff JonesDirector of Media Services, McCulloch + Company

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