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Choozle powers smart real-time advertising *
* you can call it programmatic if you want

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Let's meet Bob

He runs marketing for a bike company brand (or he works at the bike company's ad agency). And Bob is looking to boost bike sales through measurable digital advertising.

When Bob signs up for Choozle, he's provided a smart tag to embed into the code of his website.

Choozle gathers Audience Insights of website visitors - providing rich and actionable data including Demographics, Purchase Behaviors, and B2B information.*

From a single, simple interface Bob can see what type of people visit his website. And it's all in his SIMPLE Choozle Dashboard.

* FYI... all data is anonymous and encrypted - all privacy compliant. So it's all good.

Bob easily analyzes his Audience Insights to identify which data segments represent his most valuable prospects.

He then quickly builds targeted, yet highly scalable audiences, right in the Choozle platform.

Bob can now power real-time (programmatic) advertising campaigns across video, mobile, display, and social mediums - including Facebook and Retargeting campaigns.

Armed with in-dashboard reporting, Bob can easily optimize his ad spend to ensure conversions and maximum ROI.*

* aka bikes fly out the shop

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Forget complex solutions and multiple platforms. Choozle blends the power of big data and real-time advertising into a simplified platform to fit every marketer.

Choozle is THE Insights-Driven Marketing Platform

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