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Choozle powers smart real-time advertising *
* you can call it programmatic if you want

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Say "Hello" to Steven

Steven is responsible for digital marketing for a high-growth bike brand and thus is tasked with driving measurable results and ROI through online ad campaigns.

When Steven signs up for Choozle, he's provided a smart tag to embed into the brand website. The smart tag powers conversion tracking & retargeting audiences, as well as Choozle's Audience Insights by matching site visitors against multiple 3rd party data providers.

Choozle's Audience Insights aggregates & organizes rich & actionable data including Demographics, Purchase Behaviors, & B2B information.* With Choozle's audience onboarding, you can also directly import your CRM for insights & retargeting.

* All data is anonymous and encrypted—all privacy compliant.

Steven easily analyzes his Audience Insights to identify which data segments represent the most valuable prospects.

With simple lookalike modeling, Steven then quickly and seamlessly builds targeted and highly scalable audiences leveraging over 50 leading data partners.

Steven can now power real-time programmatic advertising campaigns across video, mobile, display & social mediums—including Facebook and Retargeting campaigns. Using the simple & sleek Choozle Ad Builder, Steven can create high-quality HTML5 ad units in minutes—and the ad units can be applied directly to your Choozle ad campaigns.

Armed with in-dashboard reporting, Steven can easily optimize his ad spend to ensure conversions and maximum ROI.*

* Steven's Big Bike Brand achieves its marketing goals.

Choozle = Easy Digital Advertising®
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Digital Advertising Made Easy®

Forget complex solutions and multiple platforms. Choozle blends the power of big data and real-time programmatic advertising into one simplified platform to fit every advertiser.

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