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Feb 16

What is: a landing page? | Digital marketing tips

As front-line digital marketers, setting up an engaging landing page for your digital marketing campaign is fundamental to the success of your overall strategy.  Reaching prospective customers and getting them to take your desired action requires your business to master the use of landing pages.

High-converting landing pages accelerate users through your digital marketing funnel. They provide a crucial tool for bridging the gap between a unique click and a conversion. When someone clicks on a digital marketing ad that leads them to a custom page, it takes them on a short and controlled journey with only one implied outcome. By packaging all of the information needed to close a deal into a lander, businesses can increase their volume of conversions and quality leads. Forty-three percent of companies consider landing pages “very effective.” Only 8 percent find them “not effective.”

What is a landing page?

A landing page can be the term used to describe any page you land on after clicking a link, whether on the same website or from a different one. But, for our purposes, we’re talking about a specific type of landing page.

So, what is a landing page?

A landing page is a single-paged website that takes one to after they click on a link, or for the sake of this post, an advertisement. A good landing page will be targeted to a particular stream of traffic – say from a display ad for a particular whitepaper.

Landing pages are a chance to connect and convert your potential customer. Once they’re on your landing page, users are encouraged to take action, such as joining your list or buying your products. If the user chooses the specific desired action, then your landing page has succeeded in getting them to convert.

Typically, landing pages only encourage their users to take one such action. Why? It’s because of what researchers call the “paradox of choice.” In simple terms, that means that the more options you give people, the harder it is for them to make a decision and act.

How do landing pages impact digital advertising campaigns?

Landing pages are different from other pages on your site because they focus on specific, short-term goals so that you can get the results you want. Besides increasing conversions, improving paid ad campaigns, and yielding new audience insights, landing pages can:

Boost your credibility. Users typically appreciate clear, simple messaging that explains the value of what you’re offering. A well-planned landing page shows your customers that you have their best interests in mind. They’re also places where you can insert testimonials about your product or service, which are an element of social proof. Social proof has been shown to increase conversions.

Reinforce your brand. This is the result of maintaining consistency in your website’s appearance, tone, style, and copy. Having a clear and robust brand has several benefits. When your users don’t convert immediately, a strong brand identity can help them remember you in the future, respond to your remarketing efforts, or recommend you to their friends.

Landing pages are essential to your marketing strategy. And the more optimized landing pages you have, the better.

Why are landing pages so critical?

Too many companies send their advertising, email, or social media traffic to their homepage. This is a huge, missed opportunity. When you know a stream of targeted traffic will be coming to your website, you can increase the likelihood of converting that traffic into leads by using a targeted landing page. Send your visitors to a landing page that prompts them to complete that action. You’ll see the effectiveness of your online marketing improve dramatically.

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