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Nov 09
Connected TV Options for the Holiday Season with Sam Rutishauser

Connected TV Options for the Holiday Season with Sam Rutishauser

Sam Rutishauser joined us for a live Choozlechat last month explaining why connected TV is such a good option for highly targeted campaigns during the holiday season. Read the highlights and listen to the full podcast below.

Why is CTV such a good opportunity for the holiday season?

During the winter season and Q4, there are naturally many more people who are spending their time inside and watching television on their favorite streaming services. The amount of viewership and engagement during this time is pretty significant. For a lot of people, getting together and watching holiday movies and live sports during this time is a part of the tradition. Connected TV (CTV) ensures you can align your brand with the festivities while reaching highly engaged audiences.

Why you should consider connected TV

Television, in general, is such a different ad environment compared to other digital strategies. Connected TV can be used as a stand-alone tactic, but it is even better to use in combination with other digital channels. With CTV, you can match profiles to other devices in the household and complement your campaign’s messaging to make it holistic. CTV can be really great for creating sequential messages that continue to follow up with retargeted ads across other devices. The holidays, and the time leading up to the holidays, are so hectic that it is really important to stay top-of-mind and create brand resonance in the household.

Holiday events and brand alignment

Connected TV is a great opportunity to be a part of those seasonal sporting events and holiday appointment television. With traditional TV, it can be hard to tell who is actually watching at times. With CTV, you only serve ads to those who have turned on the TV and selected a specific program, so it is almost always appointment television viewing. Also, ads are generally better received on connected TV as opposed to traditional TV. Surveys show that people are much more willing to pay less for a streaming service with ads as opposed to a streaming service at a higher cost without ads, so there is just a greater buy-in to engaging with the ads on CTV. Connected TV is a great opportunity to create personalized and themed content for the holidays while reaching your target audience at the right place and time.

Listen to Sam’s full Live Choozlechat here:

Connected TV and digital advertising offer so many opportunities to craft a highly targeted campaign that can actually speak to your audiences’ needs in the right context. Connected TV and digital marketing won’t be a one size fits all opportunity for everyone, but that is why we always encourage experimentation to find that perfect recipe for your business.

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