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Aug 07
Choozle vs. Full Tech Stack Featured Image

Display advertising software comparison: Choozle vs build-your-own

If you’re considering bringing programmatic advertising in-house or exploring other options for your digital advertising software, this infographic breaks down cost and time spent on Choozle versus building and aggregating a comparable full technology stack.

The tech stack we’re referring to in this example—a standard strategic campaign in Choozle with $10,000 in monthly media spend—includes insights, Ensighten/tag management, data access, a demand-side platform (DSP), a data management platform (DMP), ad fraud protection, and an ad server. With Choozle, this also includes one-on-one support, campaign setup and optimization, and detailed reporting.

Download the free infographic below to get all the numbers behind the comparison. And while you’re here, you might as well read about Choozle versus similar DSPs Centro and Brightroll.

Choozle vs. Build Your Own Stack Infographic

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