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Penn University of Pennsylvania

When it comes to higher education, there are a lot of options available to incoming students. Marketers tasked with driving student registrations face the challenge of staying top-of-mind while students consider their options. OnCampus Advertising, a college marketing and media services firm, leveraged digital advertising campaigns using location-based targeting for the University of Pennsylvania to drive registrations and overcome this challenge.


  • Target incoming students who had previously visited the school
  • Leverage geoframing targeting to reach specific feeder schools
  • Raise awareness among specific target audiences to stay top-of-mind


OnCampus Advertising was looking to leverage digital advertising campaigns for the University of Pennsylvania in order to drive student registrations. Their solution was to launch a campaign using geoframing to target incoming students who previously visited the school as well as students attending specific feeder schools.

Focused on staying top-of-mind with their key demographics, they used their geoframed audiences along with mobile device targeting to build brand awareness while students weighed their options. These strategies also allowed them to maximize ad spend while targeting specific feeder schools by filtering out faculty and staff with an age range of 18-24 and only reaching potential incoming students.

The overall campaign achieved a .12% click-through rate with an average CPM of $3.40 and CPC of $2.77. More importantly, OnCampus Advertising raised brand awareness for the University of Pennsylvania and increased student registrations.

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