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Choozle + Amazon

Choozle + Amazon unlocks Targeting, Connected TV, and more in the Amazon ecosystem.

Choozle + Amazon creates access to Amazon’s advertising marketplace. You can reach audiences with exclusive insights and shopping signals across the Amazon ecosystem, including Amazon-owned websites, marketplaces, devices, and brick-and-mortar stores. Just like other DSPs, Choozle + Amazon gives you the capability to buy ads with leading targeting and customer data tools automatically.

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Find out why Choozle + Amazon is the best way to launch ads across the Amazon ecosystem, and beyond, programmatically through Connected TV and more.

Connected TV

Over 30% of US households use an Amazon FireTV device to stream TV. Access connected TV inventory across the Choozle + Amazon marketplace and optimize your spend while maximizing your reach with frequency control.

Exclusive Data + Targeting

Tap into one of the largest data sources available, bringing proprietary in-market, interest, and lifestyle-based data from billions of observed media consumption patterns. Target customers with behavioral and shopping data from brands like Whole Foods, Amazon Prime, Freevee, and so many more.

Managed Service with Choozle

Choozle + Amazon is a Managed Service, so you will have someone you can trust when launching your Choozle + Amazon campaigns. Managed Services allow you to take a management role for your digital campaigns. Our team of media operators will monitor your campaigns’ pacing and performance while providing optimizations based on your predetermined KPIs and goals to ensure your initiative is successful.

Trusted by

“Choozle has consistently proven to be a top performer for us. Month-over-month, I can count on the strategies we deploy in Choozle to drive new traffic to our site and steadily increase appointment bookings for each of our locations.”

–Jeff Archambault, Director of Marketing,
SharpeVision Modern LASIK

“Utilizing Choozle to bring programmatic in-house, versus working with several different vendors, makes it much easier for us to strategize and pitch new business. With the amount of control Choozle gives us, we’re able to prove real-time success.”

–Kate Diehl, Director, Media Buying,
One2One Targeting

Find out why marketers & advertisers have run more than 97,000 digital ad campaigns with Choozle.

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