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Increasing Law Firm’s Audience
Reach through CTV

In a historically competitive landscape, personal injury law firms face the challenge of remaining top-of-mind for potential clients who may need their services in the future. Our client, a reputable personal injury law firm, recognized this challenge and sought to leverage the power of Connected TV (CTV) advertising through Choozle to create awareness among their target audience and maintain a competitive edge against competitors.


By executing a CTV advertising campaign through Choozle, the campaign sought to raise awareness, maintain a top-of-mind presence, and target specific demographics. In a competitive legal landscape, sustaining a top-of-mind presence is imperative, ensuring the client is the first choice when individuals require personal injury legal assistance. To maximize the effectiveness of their campaign, Choozle sought to reach individuals with a specific Household Income (HHI) threshold, tailoring their message to a more relevant audience.


To address these objectives effectively, Choozle employed a strategic approach tailored to the client’s specific needs. To start, Choozle curated custom CTV packages with audience targeting layered on top to reach people within a specific HHI demographic. Several weeks into the campaign, the client preferred premium inventory placements to align their CTV advertising with the quality and impact associated with traditional linear television. In response, Choozle divided the campaign into two distinct ad groups:

  1. Premium Inventory Focus: One ad group concentrated on securing premium CTV inventory to deliver a high-caliber viewing experience akin to traditional TV advertising. This enabled the client to preserve the quality of their advertising while reaching a more affluent audience.
  1. Standard Inventory for Wider Reach: The second ad group continued to utilize Choozle’s standard CTV inventory to reach a broader audience effectively, maximizing their reach while ensuring consistent brand visibility.

The campaign saw great success in reaching an increasing amount of people while also reaching the right people in the right place. The split between premium and standard CTV content showcases the flexibility provided by Choozle, and outlines the many creative options you have to reach your audience.

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