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What is Digital-out-of-Home Advertising?

Digital out-of-Home (DOOH) is media that is displayed in environments viewable to the general public, such as digital billboards and screens found in businesses, shopping malls, and other highly-trafficked locations. DOOH media can be purchased programmatically, providing advertisers more efficient and cost-effective access to this inventory than ever before.  

Choozle offers digital out-of-Home campaigns for clients in a fully-managed capacity as a part of our Supported Solutions offering. Through our inventory partners, Choozle has access to over 400,000 DOOH screens in a variety of formats across North America.

Why we love Digital-out-of-Home ads

Mall display choozle

DOOH ads can’t be avoided by skipping through a video, closing a page, or using an ad-blocker

DOOH ads are viewed as less intrusive and are more likely to be remembered in a favorable light

DOOH provides advertisers the ability to serve ads to targeted audiences when they are closest to the point of sale and most likely to engage

Viewers are less susceptible to ad fatigue when they are out of the home and 2.5x more engaged than when they are viewing a screen at home

DOOH inventory includes some of the largest displays in digital advertising, allowing greater opportunity for creativity and visual appeal