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What is native advertising?

Create an advertising experience where branded messages fit seamlessly within their surrounding environment, engaging audiences seamlessly as a part of their favorite websites, rather than disrupting the user experience.

  • Formatted like its surroundings
  • Located within the feed of content
  • Packed with helpful information


Native ads create value for a content-focused strategy leveraging blogs, articles, or white paper downloads to drive user engagement through the conversion funnel. Native advertising is a smart tactic for demand generation in B2C campaigns with long sales cycles or B2B campaigns.

Native advertising runs through Choozle as a creative format, and it can be paired with the same range of available targeting strategies in Choozle.

Native Advertising aligns itself with the look and feel of its environment.

Types of native ads:

  • In-Feed
  • Search
  • Recommendations
  • Promoted Listings
  • In-Ad

Find out what Native Advertising can do for your brand.