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What is Connected TV (CTV) Advertising?

CTV is any television that’s connected to the internet. CTV advertising reaches cord-cutter households on connected TV devices like Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, or Smart TVs. Because the viewer is logged in and the content is delivered Over The Top (OTT)—it unlocks precise targeting and measurement for audiences large and small.

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CTV offers flexibility and control for campaign management and optimization. Monitor performance alongside your other digital campaigns using consistent metrics. Understand where ads are served, track impressions, identify target audiences, and explore advanced CTV metrics such as cross-device attribution and video completion rates.

Connected TV Advertising Made Easy

Reach Millions of Viewers with Endless Targeting Capabilities

Use geolocation, first-party data, and third-party data to target your most valuable viewers.

Enable cross-device targeting and retarget households across all their devices.

Leverage granular ad targeting traditional TV isn’t capable of.

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