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Ready to get started with programmatic digital advertising?

Launch targeted display ads across the Open Web with ease.

What are display ads?

Display ads show rich content, like photos and videos, to connect with audiences who are browsing their favorite websites on the open web to take a specific action.

Display ads are what most people think of when they imagine digital ads. If you know what Search advertising is, and you know what Social advertising is, then Display advertising is essentially everything else. Display ads come in a variety of sizes and styles and are found across the Open Web where consumers spend about two-thirds of their time online.

Display ads are used in many different cases to connect with your audience online, drive brand awareness, and encourage engagement on landing pages. Display ads are the largest media available to reach your audience online, including ad units such as video, banner, native, and more.

Target your audience with category and keyword targeting

Place your brand alongside content that will attract ideal customers in categories relevant to your industry or market:

  • Topical blogs 
  • News sites 
  • Business journals
  • Weather channels 
  • Entertainment sites

Find out where digital ads can take you

Build brand awareness with your target customers with site and data targeting.

Use every marketer’s most valuable asset, First-party data. Activate onboarded data within a campaign to target people who are already engaged with your brand via CRM or retargeting.

Create or upload custom site lists in Choozle’s Site List Library. Use preferred lists and blocklists to target URLs where you want your ads to appear.

Choozle’s Universal Catalog provides access to industry-leading third-party data audiences at scale and accuracy to deliver relevant ads across desktop, mobile, and other mediums.