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Expand your partnership with Choozle this quarter!

We know that Q4 can be a hectic time with the holidays, end-of-year reporting, planning for 2024, and so much more! In hopes of helping you alleviate some of this stress and finish the year strong, we are opening management of paid search and social campaigns to all clients.

The Details

Historically, we have required a client to be on a Choozle Pro Contract, with a minimum spend of $25k/month in order to manage these campaigns. For Q4, we are removing these barriers and instead will only have a $3k/month per campaign minimum in place for us to manage search and social campaigns. 

Worried about losing visibility into your campaigns? Our team will operate out of your ad account, which will ensure there is a smooth transition and provide transparency. Choozle can traffic and launch your campaigns within 3 business days of receiving all necessary campaign details, assets, and account access.

We’re here to help!

Choozle’s dedicated Media Strategy team is ready to take on and manage your digital campaigns to allow you to focus on other tasks. Our expert team will help develop multichannel strategy recommendations, execute and optimize your campaigns, and provide you better reporting insights, which will ultimately help improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.



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Personal support

While our tools automate the media buying process, we know the human touch still matters. Starting on day one, we guide you in using our self-serve tools, from campaign setup to optimization. We’re also available to troubleshoot in our support center and during dedicated office hours.

Online learning

Didn’t go to school for programmatic? Neither did we. Instead, we created our own path to self-service success. With a trove of resources available, including webinars, video courses, and support articles, you can quickly master key concepts and terms to navigate the digital advertising landscape.

Transparency & control

Our motto is digital advertising made easy for good reason. Through learning, guidance, and easy-to-tools, we enable our partners to take back control of their digital advertising—and make the ad tech world a better place for marketers and advertisers.

Trusted by

“Choozle has consistently proven to be a top performer for us. Month-over-month, I can count on the strategies we deploy in Choozle to drive new traffic to our site and steadily increase appointment bookings for each of our locations.”

–Jeff Archambault, Director of Marketing,
SharpeVision Modern LASIK

“Utilizing Choozle to bring programmatic in-house, versus working with several different vendors, makes it much easier for us to strategize and pitch new business. With the amount of control Choozle gives us, we’re able to prove real-time success.”

–Kate Diehl, Director, Media Buying,
One2One Targeting

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