Video Advertising Made Easy

Built with powerful tools, Designed for Marketers & Advertisers

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See how video programmatic advertising is designed for you, and built to extend your reach

With powerful targeting and measurement tools in a feature-rich platform, more of your money can go to serving video advertising because Choozle has stripped away the unnecessary costs, technology, and complicated processes.

Ad Buying Power at Scale

Harness the power of real-time bidding (RTB) by executing data-driven ad campaigns at any scale across display, video, mobile and other mediums. Truly self-serve, or fully-managed—no long term contracts either way.

Premium Data at Your Fingertips

Take your advertising campaigns to the next level by activating premium data features. Analyze your audience to identify valuable segments and instantly build targeted audiences leveraging data from 50+ industry leaders.

Flexible, Transparent Reporting

Analyze all aspects of your campaigns with either in-platform, exportable or API-driven reporting. Impression level optimization data is also available for all you thrill seekers and data geeks via scheduled delivery.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Choozle has given our agency expanded digital capabilities that provide a tangible advantage for our clients. Our clients have benefitted from better results and more campaign accountability.”
Jeff JonesDirector of Media Services, McCulloch + Company
“Choozle offers an easy to use platform that equips our local media teams with the tools necessary to run digital campaigns that provide ROI for our local advertisers at scale across the whole team.”
Doug GesiorskiVice President of Operations, Digital First Media

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