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Jan 14
choozlechat: How digital advertising can power success with H&Co

choozlechat: How digital advertising can power success with H&Co

Digital advertising strategies can vary greatly depending on the vertical and target audience. For marketers looking to tackle strategies for community locations, it wasn’t any different. While the strategies are different, the one thing they all have in common is the value of precise audience targeting.

We sat down with Casey Catlett at H&Co to better understand how they put together digital advertising strategies for their clients.

Q: Let’s start with an explanation of your role at H&Co.

Casey Catlett, Creative & Business Development Director: Thanks for the opportunity to share with your team. I’ll start by saying that H&Co is a boutique agency and as such we each wear multiple hats, which is why it’s extremely important to have tools that are easy to use, transparent, and provide robust capabilities so that we can compete with larger agencies that have more resources.

My role at H&Co is to drive new business for the company and develop distribution strategies for our clients’ creative and marketing needs.

Q: From your point of view, what is the benefit of having an in-house digital advertising solution at H&Co?

CC: H&Co’s roots are as a film/video production studio. We are passionate & creative storytellers at heart and nothing is more demeaning than pouring our heart and soul into a client’s story only to receive a few dozen views on their YouTube channel.

What we discovered time and time again is that our clients would get excited about creating impactful video content, but had no strategy for distributing the content to reach their audience in a meaningful way. In 2020, we decided to solve that dilemma by creating end-to-end creative & distribution strategies for our clients.

With Choozle, our in-house digital advertising capabilities allow us to maximize our clients’ marketing investment, period. Now, when we partner with them to develop emotive video creative, we also ensure the content reaches their audience through hyper-targeted video advertising distribution.

Q: For your clients, what kind of strategies and tactics do you use?

CC: We have had great success with the CTV, audio, and display tactics and are excited to test out the native solution for an upcoming campaign. The CTV and audio solutions allow us to leverage an awareness surround-sound strategy, while display and native help us drive traffic for a more direct engagement.

Q: How has Choozle helped you execute your campaigns and strategies for your clients?

CC: We chose Choozle because we wanted an affordable self-serve platform, but with every platform, there is a learning curve. Despite being mostly self-serve, Choozle’s customer support team was extremely responsive and helpful in setting up and optimizing our first few campaigns.

Q: What are some of the benefits of being able to target specific audiences?

CC: Our campaigns have mostly revolved around specific geographic regions, so the greatest benefit that we have realized so far is the ability to manage an efficient budget by hyper-targeting geolocations and not wasting on wider areas that we don’t need.

Q: What are some of the challenges you face when implementing digital advertising?

CC: I have worked in several agency and in-house creative environments where the media management was done out of the house, which can work for some teams. But I’ve found that the performance responsiveness and reporting were slow. If mistakes were made in the media, it was too late before they could be fixed. If the creative wasn’t performing as well as intended it was too late before it could be changed and as budgets get evermore constrained it was too difficult to offer value to the client.

Choozle helps us eliminate that. Just like the craft beer or craft coffee that you drink, you know where and how it is made. We offer a “craft media” solution to our clients.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom for someone considering Choozle as their in-house digital advertising solution?

CC: Choozle does an amazing job of documenting the process of using their tools as well as insights & trends in digital advertising. Take advantage of their content. And if you can’t find what you need, simply reach out to their customer support team, because they’ll take care of you.

Casey Catlett is the Creative & Business Development Director for H&Co. With 19 years in advertising, creative and brand development for brands including McDonald’s, Dignity Health and the Sacramento Kings, he has learned that Curiosity and Optimism are the most powerful traits to make a meaningful impact for his clients. 


Favorite quote: “Some people see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.” -Robert F. Kennedy

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