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Feb 04
Digital advertising recruitment with The Garrigan Lyman Group

choozlechat: Digital advertising recruitment with The Garrigan Lyman Group

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Marketers and agencies are becoming an integral part of company hiring teams as they look for ways to break outside the “traditional recruitment” box. Companies and recruiters need to stay one step ahead of the market to find their ideal candidates. That’s where digital advertising comes into play. Through hyper-targeting capabilities, recruiters can create additional touchpoints to connect and engage with the right candidates.

But, how exactly do you get in front of the right candidates? What kind of digital advertising strategies work for recruitment?

To answer these questions and more, we sat down with Molly Dohoney, Media Strategist at The Garrigan Lyman Group, to better understand how they put together a digital advertising recruitment strategy for a cybersecurity company.

Q: Let’s start with an explanation of your role at The Garrigan Lyman Group.

Molly Dohoney, Media Strategist: I am a cross-channel media strategist, managing campaigns across social, programmatic, and search.

Q: I’d love to dig into your digital advertising strategies for your client, a cybersecurity company, that was looking to ramp up their recruitment. What was the goal of the campaign?

MD: My client is rapidly growing and hiring, so the goal of the campaign is to increase awareness and consideration of their open job opportunities within the intelligence and cybersecurity industry.

We have been testing several different tactics, such as geofencing competitor HQs, search and contextual keyword targeting, creative click retargeting, as well as super-specific career targeting based on third-party data.

Q: What are some of the challenges you faced when implementing digital advertising for cybersecurity recruitment?

MD: We don’t always have the ability to place a pixel on the landing page, so site retargeting was out of the question. We have been really leaning on the creative click retargeting Choozle offers in order to stay in front of our interested prospects. The campaign is also limited geographically, so we built custom zip lists, as the metro areas were too broad for the campaign.

Q: What kind of response and results do you see as a result of these digital advertising strategies?

MD:Overall the targeting strategies for our campaigns have produced click-through rates that are above benchmarks. The best part is that these metrics are continuing to improve week over week.

Q: How has Choozle helped you execute your campaigns and strategies for clients looking to increase recruitment?

MD: Our Choozle Account Manager, Meg, is quick to recommend new targeting tactics (such as the custom zip list) and is great about suggesting new optimizations to improve performance. We touch base weekly, which I so appreciate!

Molly Dohoney is a cross-channel digital media strategist at Garrigan Lyman Group with a strong foundation in performance-driven marketing and client services. With 6+ years of agency experience, she has had the opportunity to execute strategic campaigns supporting a variety of goals across multiple industries. Molly is always up for a new challenge! 

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