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Digital Marketing & Advertising Questions

Choozle FAQs

Have questions about pricing, billing, or Data Packages?

Here’s everything you need to know before getting started.

Why Choozle

Who is this software designed for?

Marketers, agencies, and publishers looking to take back control of their digital advertising.

What’s special about Choozle?

Aside from being an all-in-one platform, our open and transparent approach to digital advertising enables you to take authority over your own data and analytics and see where ad dollars go. No black box.

What kind of support will I get?

You’ll gain access to a wealth of resources, including office hours, online learning, and our Client Experience team who will guide you in campaign setup and optimization. Spend $10K or more a month, you’ll get all that plus dedicated support and an implementation pack.

Campaigns & Add-ons

Where will my ads be served?

We serve ads on premium ad networks like Rubicon, MoPub, OpenX, DoubleClick, Yahoo, AppNexus, AOL, and more.

What kinds of ads can I run?

Choozle supports multiple ad formats, including video, mobile, display, and native. You can run ads on any device.

What website data can I track with Choozle?

You can capture data on anything from your website traffic to a single landing page.

What targeting options are available?

You can target people using first and third-party data, based on where they are or where they’ve been, or based on the content they’re viewing online.

What’s a Data Package?

A Data Package unlocks CRM Onboarding. CRM Onboarding, powered by LiveRamp, allows you to bring your offline data online to uncover your most valuable users and create highly-targeted custom audiences.


When will my account be charged?

When you sign up, your credit card will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of the month. After that, your credit card will be charged on the first of the month when your subscription automatically renews.

For advertising campaigns, the credit card on file will be charged a percentage of the campaign budget at the start of a campaign.

Do you offer invoice billing?

If you qualify for invoice billing, your credit card won’t be charged unless a payment is overdue.

How will my account be charged?

Campaigns begin funding on their start date, but the amount charged depends on the campaign budget.

$1K or lessThe full budget on the campaign’s start date.
Between $1K and $5KFifty percent of the budget on the campaign’s start date and the remaining balance when the campaign reaches 10 percent of the total budget.
Between $5K and $10KTwenty-five percent of the budget on the campaign’s start date and another 25 percent when the campaign reaches 10 percent of the total budget.
$10K or moreWe run credit authorization checks for campaigns of this size to ensure at least 25 percent of the total campaign budget is available.

Ad tech is a complicated space. We cut through the chaos.

We at Choozle promise what many can’t—an honest, transparent approach to digital advertising. We liberate you from opaque practices through learning, guidance, and a winning support team who will show you how to get the most out of our self-serve tools.

See how the power of big data & the efficiency of real-time advertising blends into a simple platform.