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May 16

Campaign tracking: How does tag management work?

Developing a marketing strategy takes time and various rounds of testing different tactics. It is also very important to gather insight into your campaign performance to ensure that it is reaching your KPIs.

What is a Smart Tag Container?

A smart tag container is a form of tag management. Tags are snippets of code that enable tracking, analytics, and reporting of third-party data. “Tags,” “tag containers”, or “smart containers” are the medium in which collection and sharing of data between websites and programmatic platforms are facilitated. Tags are placed into the HTML/JavaScript code of a website that is delivered to a web browser or app when a web page loads. The smart container allows marketers to consolidate their marketing actions into a single source without the need to involve website developers to begin:

  • Collecting, aggregating and generating in-depth audience insights
  • Building retargeting audiences for ad campaigns
  • Track conversion events for campaigns


How Does it Work?

A smart tag container is a secure piece of code that is placed on the header of a website and is an essential component of the efficiency and automation that programmatic advertising provides.

Once the smart container is placed, it will immediately begin collecting cookie profiles to match and provide audience insights. These rich audience insights are populated using data partners to match profiles and aggregate demographic, psychographic, purchase intent and consumer characteristics. The smart container not only allows users to see the demographic and psychographic characteristics of their audience but allows you to create retargeting campaigns of those identified users on your website to create campaigns geared at re-engaging that audience. Lastly, the smart container also allows you to track conversion events made for your campaign. The smart container allows insight into the rate of a conversion event taking place within the website tracked. These results are populated in the campaign and ad group reports and allow marketers to make informed decisions based on their results.

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