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Mar 18

Category & site lists targeting

Choozle’s self-service platform is strategically designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your advertising campaigns. Not only do we make digital advertising a cinch, but we also make it transparent.

Part of that transparency includes detailed site lists that can be manually pulled by our team after a quick request through the Support Center. Having campaign metrics broken out by exact site placement is invaluable when it comes to campaign optimization. Knowledge is power, they say. And here at Choozle, we want to make sure that the power is in your hands.

Of course, just knowing exactly where your ads were shown is pretty interesting. But why not put that information to good use? Using the Category & Site Lists section of the platform, found under the Libraries tab, you can create a custom preferred/block list to be used on your next campaign.

This means you can bid higher for the sites or categories that have proven to lead to the best performance and block any sites or categories that you want to avoid, all through one simple, easy-to-use template.

To deploy a custom preferred/block list, follow these steps:

  • Download the template file found under the Category & Site List Library.
  • Follow the instructions included in the file, making sure not to include any unnecessary figures or delete any tabs.
  • Include your sites or categories on the first tab, following the example provided. Keep in mind; you only need to include a category ID if you are going to block or bid higher on an entire category, not just specific sites.
  • Include a bid multiplier for each line item. A bid multiplier of 0 will block that site or category, while a bid multiplier of 1.5 will tell the system to bid higher for a preferred site or category.

Once you upload your custom site list, you will be able to pull it through at the ad group level.

Make sure to pay close attention to the last line of the contextual targeting set-up, as the system will ask you to include an additional bid multiplier for any sites that fall outside of your custom site list. Setting this figure to 0 will stop the system from bidding on any outside sites, but setting the figure to 0.5 would open up inventory a bit while still making sure your custom list takes precedence.

As Choozle makes digital advertising easier and easier, we are consistently looking for opportunities to hand over the keys and put you in control of your programmatic media buying.

So settle into the driver’s seat and enjoy the freedom of the open road. We’re just along for the ride.


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