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May 13

The Choozle Platform: Your Programmatic Advertising Powerhouse

Welcome to Choozle. We’re dedicated to revolutionizing how modern marketers approach digital advertising. Our platform is the ultimate connector, bridging the gap between marketers and the most advanced advertising technology available in today’s dynamic programmatic landscape. 

In this blog, you’ll learn more about how managing your digital media with the Choozle platform becomes a seamless experience, empowering you to navigate and achieve results confidently.

Feature-Rich & Powerful Campaign Management

Navigating the complexities of programmatic advertising demands a solution that simplifies the process and empowers you to unleash its full potential. That’s where Choozle comes in.

At the core of our platform is a robust suite of features designed to streamline campaign management. Whether you’re a seasoned industry expert or just starting out, our software is tailored to meet your unique needs at every step.

From campaign creation to optimization and reporting, Choozle delivers a seamless and intuitive experience. Set precise goals, create compelling campaigns, and effortlessly fine-tune your targeting strategies within a single, unified platform.

Say goodbye to the days of juggling multiple tools and platforms. With Choozle, you gain access to a comprehensive solution that simplifies your workflow, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in executing campaigns.

Easy Media Buying at Scale

Gain direct access to premier Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) like The Trade Desk, Amazon Ads, and Walmart Connect. Choozle simplifies media buying, maximizing your budget and impact effortlessly.

Media buys are seamless without dealing with multiple logins or disparate interfaces. With Choozle, you have the power to access premium inventory, optimize your bidding strategies, and reach your target audience with precision—all from a single, intuitive platform.

Fine-Tune Towards Your Goals

Crafting impactful campaigns isn’t just about setting goals—it’s about reaching them with precision. With Choozle, you have the power to define your objectives, set your budget, and optimize your strategy for success in mere minutes.

Dive deep into your campaign objectives and meticulously fine-tune your targeting parameters for maximum impact. With granular options for pacing, impression capping, and access to preferred supply vendors, Choozle empowers you to customize your campaigns to suit your unique needs.

Whether you prefer hands-on adjustments or automated optimization, Choozle offers the flexibility to drive results that perfectly align with your vision. Witness the satisfaction of watching your campaigns soar to new heights thanks to Choozle’s robust suite of optimization tools and features.

Driving Results With An Omnichannel Strategy

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, reaching your audience requires more than a single-channel approach. With Choozle, you have the power to run omnichannel strategies that engage your audience across multiple touchpoints, driving brand awareness and conversions like never before.

Our platform allows you to orchestrate cohesive campaigns across display, video, connected TV, mobile, and more. With Choozle’s robust targeting capabilities and real-time optimization, you can ensure a consistent brand experience across every channel, maximizing your impact and ROI.

Discover the Power of In-Platform AI Optimization

With in-platform AI optimization for ad groups, you can unlock new levels of efficiency and performance across your campaigns. Because we’ve connected to the largest DSP providers, you inherit access to their high-investment R&D budget for AI. 

More specifically, The Trade Desk’s optimization engine, Koa, handles basic optimizations across multiple dimensions to boost CPMs on top-performing inventory, trim underperforming inventory, and direct spend toward your chosen KPIs. With real-time insights and automated adjustments, you can optimize your campaigns effortlessly and see tangible results. Most importantly, these capabilities allow your media teams to be less focused on fine-tuning and reinvesting their time into higher-value strategic thinking about optimizing across channels and messaging—transition from uncertainty and guesswork to data-driven decision-making.

Data-Driven Targeting for Future-Proof Campaigns

Stay ahead of the curve with Choozle’s data-driven targeting capabilities. From leveraging in-platform CRM data to building custom audiences and targeting by device type, our platform empowers you to reach your audience precisely, even in a cookieless future.

Access over 60 third-party data providers, exclusive second-party retail data from Amazon, The Trade Desk, and Walmart, and dive into 10,000+ private marketplace deals for direct access to premium content. 

Elevate your targeting strategy with enterprise-grade first-party data-matching technology powered by LiveRamp, unlocking unparalleled opportunities for tailored campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Reporting and Analytics for Actionable Insights

Tracking the performance of your campaigns is essential for driving continuous improvement and maximizing your impact. Choozle’s detailed reporting and analytics give you real-time insights into critical metrics and help you make informed decisions to optimize your campaigns for success.

Monitor key performance indicators such as pacing, spending, impressions, clicks, and conversion rates easily. Our platform provides actionable insights that enable you to identify trends, spot opportunities, and make data-driven decisions to drive results. 

Choozle’s data warehouse, backed by Snowflake and Fivetran, enables you to access and analyze your data wherever you want. It is extendable out of the box to robust omnichannel reporting platforms like NinjaCat & TapClicks. Effortlessly query across multiple sources and unlock valuable insights to drive informed decisions and maximize your advertising impact.

Seamless Integration and Endless Possibilities

Explore our comprehensive array of managed-service offerings powered by strategic collaborations with top-tier data and identity providers. With Choozle’s campaign manager and low-code site tagging solution, you can streamline your workflow and access rich datasets. 

Whether you opt for hands-on management through self-service advertising or seek customized support from our seasoned team, Choozle empowers advertisers to enhance their digital advertising endeavors with unmatched access to enterprise-grade resources.

Navigating the Digital Media Landscape

As you continue your journey to digital advertising success, remember that Choozle is more than just a platform—we’re a partner dedicated to your growth and success. With our comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities and full-service support team, you have everything you need to navigate the complexities of digital advertising with confidence.

So why wait? Experience Choozle for yourself and harness the full potential of your advertising strategy. Take the first step towards achieving your goals with Choozle by your side by scheduling a meeting with our team today.

About the author:

Sarah Lilly, Product Marketing Manager at Choozle, brings the team a wealth of marketing experience. She began her career in digital advertising and later transitioned into product marketing. Collaborating extensively with cross-functional teams, Sarah refines product strategies to meet evolving market demands, ensuring that Choozle’s solutions remain at the forefront of digital advertising. In her spare time, you can find her curled up with a good book and her pup, Huey, or exploring Denver with friends. 

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