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Nov 13

choozlechat: The value of geofencing & geoframing with Joel Ross at OnScreen Media

Megan Sullivan-Jenks, Director of Marketing, Choozle: We sometimes like to kick these off by asking the most important questions first. If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Joel Ross, Vice President, OnScreen Media: Ha, Field of Dreams.


MSJ: Let’s start with an explanation of what OnScreen Media does and the type of clients you work with.

JR: OnScreen Media is a fully-managed digital media company based in Central Florida. We work with a wide variety of organizations, ranging from travel, retail, medical, and education on digital campaign & creative initiatives. We’re also a fully-managed partner for ad agencies that want to leverage programmatic media for their clients but do not have the resources to offer programmatic campaign services in-house.


MSJ: What won you over when you started exploring Choozle as your in-house programmatic solution?

JR: I’d say there were several factors. First off, we felt that we were providing advanced technology to our clients without a monthly 25K minimum entry fee. This was big for us as a mid-sized agency that was new to the technology several years ago. Choozle has done a nice job of combining enterprise technology into a single platform that’s easy to use.

Secondly, the performance of the platform. We’re able to achieve desired CPMs while also delivering on additional KPIs to our clients.

Lastly, the Choozle team. Choozle has a really good support team in place to assist us when challenges or specific needs arise among us and our customers. They make each of their clients feel like they’re a priority.


MSJ: Have you seen any immediate time or cost savings on your team?

JR: Yes, we have on both fronts. A lot of the technology we would have had to à-la-carte is included within the Choozle software. That’s saved us money while enhancing performance. Also, operating the Choozle platform has become nearly second nature to us. I am not a data scientist or naturally tech-savvy–I feel that I can set up, launch, optimize, and report on campaigns with my eyes closed.

Compared to the Google Ads platform, Facebook platform, or competitors like The Trade Desk, it’s very simple to use.


MSJ: What are some long-term benefits of using Choozle? What are you hoping to implement for your clients?

JR: Long term, we have built credibility with our customers. We have learned to sell programmatic media as a key contributor to the digital marketing funnel. When we’re able to prove its performance (i.e., assisted conversions, elevated traffic, increased sales), our clients trust our recommendations and ultimately spend more with us.


MSJ: What marketing strategies do you use for your clients? Why these over all the others?

JR: We leverage Geofencing and Geoframing quite heavily. Geofencing through Choozle has proven to be a versatile strategy that appeals to all industries within our client list. We have also begun running contextual keyword campaigns for our clients with greater frequency, in tandem with our search campaigns. When executed together, we have seen a positive correlation with our clients’ ROI as opposed to when they are run in isolation.


MSJ: What are some of the challenges you face when putting together strategies for your clients?

JR: We have learned to not pitch conversion strategies to clients with low budgets and short-term goals. While we have been able to achieve conversions through Choozle, this was for clients that had budgets of 5K a month or more, campaign lengths of 90-days or longer, and were less CPM-focused than on enabling cross-device targeting and adding more data layers to target audiences.

Joel Ross | Vice President
Joel Ross is the Vice President at OnScreen Media, a fully-managed digital media company based within Central FL. He enjoys helping his partners achieve their revenue and expansion goals with integrity, hard work, positive leadership, and innovation. He is the ad tech, digital media, consumer analytics, and B2B guy.

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