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Mar 29

Choozle’s take on the Facebook data news

In light of the latest news in the Facebook data conversation: the eventual removal of third-party data targeting from the social media platform’s advertising offerings, we wanted to take a moment to share our position.

Choozle CEO and co-founder Andrew Fischer said, “For Marketers, Facebook has been an easy place to push ad dollars. Clearly, this simplicity has now revealed the true costs. Overall, this will strengthen the independent internet and marketing ecosystem while reducing the grip of the Facebook and Google duopoly.”

With the GDPR regulations taking effect across the EU in May, the protection of consumer data is already a hot topic in the industry. Although we’ll provide more details on that in the coming weeks, we want to reiterate our value behind the fair practice of using consumer data: We work with partners we trust to provide this data and targeting capability to you, and if we didn’t trust those sources, we wouldn’t offer it.

“They [Google, Facebook] have created walled gardens for ‘their’ internet.” Choozle CPO and co-founder Jeffrey Finch said. “The rest of the internet is an unwalled garden, which is great for freedom of choice and variety but it also can breed weeds. I like to think that we are creating truth within the unwalled garden of the rest of the internet by offering an understandable and transparent view into that world. We can achieve positive outcomes and lasting value outside of the walls of Facebook and Google — and in my opinion, it’s a much more beautiful place.”

Choozle is an open book. If you’d like to chat with us more about data collection, fair practices, or anything else–feel free to reach out.

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