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Sep 22

Connected TV: What is it, how does it work, and why is it a big deal?

Connected TV (CTV) has been the talk of the town the past year, and it’s only continuing to grow from here. If you’re still unsure of all of the ins and outs of connected TV that’s okay! There’s a lot to sort out to get your ads on the big screen, but this is a great place to start.

This webinar was a Zoom presentation recorded live on Tuesday, September 28 by Megan Sullivan–Jenks, Senior Director of Brand and Marketing at Choozle, and it covers the ins and outs of what CTV is, how it works, and why it is such a big deal. We had some great questions asked during the webinar we wanted to answer and share now.

Q: Why is Choozle ConnectedTV a better option than say, Xfinity TV? What would be the motivation to switch?
A: Xfinity TV is cable. CTV has already surpassed cable in terms of households and usage. While many of these targeting tactics are promoted across the broad CTV landscape, in reality, these capabilities become significantly limited when only working with direct supply partners. They might provide better access to their own inventory, but lack scale, data, and targeting controls outside of their own supply.

Q: Is it better to buy OTT/CTV programmatically or going direct to the vendor?
A: Choozle’s self-serve CTV library provides marketers access to thousands of deals across a variety of inventory partners, enabling you to execute targeted CTV campaigns at scale. It’s also extremely difficult to frequency cap when you go direct because there aren’t enough unique users or devices.

Q: If I’m watching something like Local News but I’m watching through my YouTube Tv subscription, is that still considered linear viewing, or is it digital/streaming?
A: Live TV on a streaming platform, for example, Hulu live TV, is still considered digital streaming.

Watch the entire webinar to learn more about how connected TV campaigns work, what new audiences you can reach, and what kind of impact getting your ads on the big screen can have on your business.

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