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Aug 26

Understanding Connected TV Measurement: The impact of reach, frequency & ROI

Connected TV (CTV) lives in a complex landscape that includes streaming platforms and connected devices – all of which have their own approaches to media buying and ad measurement. So, it can be hard for marketers to get a solid grip on ad performance for CTV, as well as report the return on investment for CTV campaigns.

This webinar was a Zoom presentation recorded live on Tuesday, August 24 by Megan Sullivan–Jenks, Senior Director of Brand and Marketing at Choozle, and it covers the ins and outs of CTV measurement and live questions from the audience diving into how to demonstrate the value your CTV campaigns create.

Watch our webinar and live Q&A session to learn how to measure the impact your connected TV campaigns have on your business. Understand the metrics and key performance indicators that CTV ads use and how they demonstrate your campaign’s success.

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