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Oct 13
Digital Advertising Reporting: Detailed Reports from Choozle

New feature: Detailed Reports

The demand on marketers to leverage campaign data and tell its story is higher than ever. Choozle understands how challenging it can be to pull data from multiple sources and the amount of work it takes to showcase campaign performance through data. That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of one of our newest features, Detailed Reports.

What are Detailed Reports?

The purpose of Detailed Reports is to provide more data at a deeper level in near-real-time. The new Detailed Reports feature provides expanded reporting across many key data points, such as top-performing creatives, sites, geolocations, browsers, device types, and more. Having full access to your digital campaign performance will streamline data-driven optimizations and help meet future marketing goals. The new feature replaces the need to download Excel documents and complex pivot tables to view comprehensive data about your digital campaigns.

Detailed Reports provides expanded and visualized data at both the campaign and ad group levels. Accessible to all Choozle users through the ‘Action’ button on campaigns and ad groups, users will be directed to in-depth reports across many key data points, maps, and graphs for performance reporting.

Scheduling and Alerts

Within Detailed Reports, you will also have the ability to schedule reports for campaigns and create Alerts for individual reporting metrics such as budget, pacing, CPM, win rate, and more.

Scheduling allows you to immediately send an email with up-to-date reports or schedule them for the future at any frequency of your choosing—monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or by the minute. You will also be able to send reports to your own email address along with any other team members you’d like to be up to date with Detailed Reports. Scheduled reports can be sent in a variety of formats including CSV ZIP files, PDF, or a PNG visualization. Scheduling provides you with the flexibility to gather the information from reports at the time that is most relevant to you without having to log into the platform.

Alerts are also helpful to understand if your campaign or ad group is underperforming or on track. There is a lot of flexibility when creating Alerts for a variety of metrics with control over the set conditions that will notify you. For example, you can create an alert if the total budget is less than $100 to make sure your campaigns are pacing properly, or if the win rate is less than 20% to see if your base bid needs to be changed. These additional features give you the live insights you need to make better optimization decisions while your campaign is running.

Key benefits

  • Near-real-time and in-depth data for streamlined optimizations and performance reporting.
  • Easy to digest data tiles in a variety of visualization formats.
  • New data points negate the need to request customized reports, including Geolocation Insights, Site Tail Aggregate, Audience Performance, Creative Performance reports, and more.
  • New scheduling feature allows you to automate and send PDF and CSV reports to your email.
  • No limitation on the date range for exporting the campaign data.

Explore your new Detailed Reports through the drop-down in the action button at the campaign or ad group level, and view up-to-date key data points to understand how your campaign is performing. Prove the value of your digital marketing with deeper data with Detailed Reports and start streamlining campaign optimizations today.

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