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Jun 18
Display Advertising Guide

Display advertising creative resource guide

Display advertising creative as we know it today had a very humble beginning. The first banner ad, AT&T’s “You Will” campaign, was displayed on Wired Magazine in 1994. Don’t even get us started on the first landing page!

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since that funfetti-esque block text and dull grey background. The art of creating an effective and eye-catching display advertisement is, obviously, a vital piece of the bigger digital advertising picture. With a myriad of different creative types, sizes, designs, call to actions, campaign goals, and more, the possibilities are endless! Because of this, knowing what best practices to follow can be tricky.

That’s where our display advertising creative resource guide comes in! Made up of the best advice from our in-house graphic and web designer, industry-wide best practices, and data pulled from our own platform, keep this creative guide on-hand for quick tips to make your ads stand out from the rest.


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