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Mar 05
Exploring DOOH advertising with Hunter Phillips

Exploring DOOH advertising with Hunter Phillips | choozlechat ep. #18

In this choozlechat podcast episode, we chatted with our Director of Partnerships & Strategic Solutions, Hunter Phillips, about digital out-of-home, or DOOH advertising.

We cover:

  • What DOOH advertising is
  • How DOOH advertising fits into your marketing strategy
  • What DOOH capabilities are available within Choozle
  • And lots more

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts, and see below for key takeaways.

Key takeaways

Do you want to explain what digital out-of-home is?
Digital out-of-home refers to any media that’s displayed in environments viewable to the general public, such as digital billboards, screens found in businesses, shopping malls, and other highly-trafficked locations. Today, digital media can be purchased programmatically. Often, you’ll hear the acronym DOOH, and then specifically for programmatically-bought digital out-of-home, it’s PDOOH. There you have more acronyms to add to your ad tech catalog. By purchasing programmatically, it’s providing advertisers with an even more efficient and cost-effective access to this type of inventory.

How do you see programmatic digital out-of-home fitting into overall marketing strategies?
Digital out-of-home is a great higher-funnel tactic to support awareness goals, but it’s also been proven to be very successful in amplifying and improving the performance of other digital campaigns like display, search, and social. A couple of years ago, Facebook actually conducted a study with a French advertiser that showed a 50 percent increase in likeliness to purchase when Facebook ads were complemented with out-of-home advertising. Additionally, you’ll see some larger brands using digital out-of-home as a means of testing messaging strategies and coordinates with an ad recall study just to help inform creative adjustments before they open it up to other channels and really make a larger investment in the campaign. So, there are a lot of applications here. But, I think the biggest thing is that you view it as a complementary service, particularly for higher funnel brand awareness stuff. In my opinion, it also just adds a legitimacy factor to the brand itself. If you’re up there with big names, like your Coca-Colas and Nikes, now that same inventory is available to smaller advertisers because it can be purchased programmatically.

Do you want to go into some of the capabilities provided by Choozle as part of our digital out-of-home offering?
Yeah, first and foremost, the biggest draw to me as far as the capability goes is just the accessibility and scale through our partners. We have access to almost half a million screens across North America. This includes all different venue types, much more than just traditional digital billboards. But like you said, it includes shopping mall kiosks, screens at gas stations, golf courses, waiting rooms, bars, and restaurants. It’s an incredible opportunity for scale. We also offer highly granular, location-based, and venue or screen type targeting, as well as the ability to layer on more high-level consumer and demographic data based on mobile location data for over-indexed areas, for certain demographics. Currently, we’re offering it as a fully-managed service without any campaign management fees. It’s a great opportunity to dip your feet into this new channel, have our team and our partners really take on the management side of things, and get a stronger understanding of how this fits into your overall digital marketing strategy, how it can complement the other channels that you’re executing, and really just explore this new channel and see the benefits of it firsthand.

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