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Jan 09
How to create a story with your digital marketing campaign

How to create a story with your digital marketing campaign

Creating a story with your digital marketing campaign is an important step in drawing the target customer in and making them engage to complete the goal conversion. There are many different aspects that need to be taken into consideration when creating the story such as how do you want your audience to feel, what do you want them to learn, and where do you want the story to lead them. Here are a few tips to help answer these questions and create a story the audience will actually want to know:


Tip #1: Use Clear Graphics

The first thing that an audience will look at in an ad is the graphics. The image of an advertisement should be clear to the viewer. A pixelated image will show poor quality and deter the viewer away from an advertisement. Additionally, the graphics in an advertisement should relate to the overall message of the campaign and the goal trying to be achieved. If the advertisement is for a clothing store wanting people to purchase apparel, using an image of the apparel being sold and graphic writing including the goal “ON SALE” will tell the audience that the clothing in the store is on sale and drive them to complete the conversion.

Tip #2: Force Engagement

The story used for a digital marketing campaign should force the target audience to engage. Interactive ads, heartfelt messages, and funny videos all grab the user’s attention and make them interested to learn more.

Tip #3: Drive Emotion

A strong marketing campaign is the most effective when emotion is being used to catch the target audience’s attention over reason. The building that emotional connection with consumers will make your brand and advertisement stand out among the others constantly showing up on their timelines and searches.

Tip #4 Stay on Brand

Additionally, when creating a story for a digital marketing campaign it is important to stay on brand. The messaging and overall advertisement should follow the values and mission of the brand. Going off brand can cause confusion to consumers and turn them away from engaging with the advertisement.

Tip #5: Be Consistent

One final tip in creating a story for a digital marketing campaign is to keep the messaging and advertisements consistent across all platforms. Changing the look and message of the campaign from channel to channel can also cause confusion with consumers on what is the actual message and goal. Confusion will drive less engagement and fewer goal conversions.


The keys to creating a story for a digital advertising campaign is by using clear graphics, forcing engagement, driving emotion, staying on brand, and being consistent across every channel. Follow these tips and the story created for a campaign will be successful among the intended target audience.

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