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Dec 13
Building Digital Advertising Audiences

Like snowflakes, every digital advertising audience is unique

A custom audience is created from first-party, third-party or retargeting profiles that can be blended, saved and used in a campaign. Technically, all of your audiences will be custom. Our Choozle Audience Builder refreshes continually to consistently input new, fresh cookie profiles into the system for you to build from.

Who is your ideal consumer? Who are your regular website visitors? You know your customer best! Take previous knowledge about who your customer is and build your audiences around that. Tip: to keep your costs down, focus on your key demographics. If you’re targeting someone in a certain income bracket, they’ll probably be within the age range you’re targeting as well, so you should leave age out of the audience.

Download our free infographic to get the breakdown on lookalike, first-party, third-party and retargeting audiences and how to use them in your programmatic advertising campaigns!

Like snowflakes, every audience is unique infographic

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