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Oct 08
New Feature: Native Advertising

New feature: native advertising

Choozle anatomy of a native advertisementWe know that, as a marketer, you’re tasked with improving the reach and performance of your digital advertising campaigns on a constant basis. With this in mind, we’ve built a new creative type that can be added to your existing Choozle campaigns to provide superior customer engagement through content-focused ad placements: native ads.

Native advertising is designed to drive user engagement with branded messages that fit seamlessly within the context of a web page. (i.e. if your biggest worry is even mildly disrupting the user experience, native ads are for you!) Perfect for demand generation, use native to bring new value to existing blogs, articles, or whitepapers that will entice customers into your conversion funnel. Yes, please.

Get your content in front of new audiences with native ads.

  • Improved user experience: Uploaded into the Choozle Creative Library, native is a content-focused creative type that has text-based elements like a header or body copy. These elements can be thought of as a preview to the landing page content.

  • Unlock premium inventory: Creating an ad group in your campaign with native creative unlocks access to more than 10 native exchanges with an average. Native is a premium creative asset type. Expect a CPM cost between $4 and $9 depending on the other targeting tactics layered.

  • Master a new targeting tactic: Unlike other creative assets, upload a range of image sizes and complete all copy fields elements to expand available inventory. Consider broader data, keyword, or site targeting and only use parent contextual categories.

  • Familiar optimization and reporting:
    Ad groups leveraging native receive reporting and can be optimized using the same tools as display ad groups. As a new creative type, native performance can be seen in creative reporting and we commonly see a click-through rate two to three times that of display creative.

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