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Jun 12
Choozle Case Study One2One Targeting

How One2One Targeting uses Choozle to grow their automotive clientele

One2One Targeting is an integrated agency which creates and invests on behalf of their clients. Taking a holistic approach that includes a broad spectrum of disciplines, they’ve partnered with the Choozle team to plan and strategize programmatic media buying campaigns for a range of clients in the automotive industry.

The Objective

  • Utilize Choozle in-house to expand their automotive clientele
  • Target customers throughout the entire automotive value chain using DMV data from Polk
  • Launch successful and sustainable cross-selling and upselling campaigns
  • Employ CRM targeting to nurture intent-based conversions

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The Solution

For their automotive clients, One2One Targeting uses Choozle’s data-driven programmatic display capabilities as their first choice. With the capability to target customers using DMV data from Polk, One2One can gain a holistic view of who’s in-market, what they are looking for, when they will buy, and more. These capabilities have enabled One2One to use Choozle as a pillar when pitching new business, positioning them as a pioneer for in-house media buying in the automotive space. In fact, one of One2One’s biggest accounts recently paused their programmatic campaigns due to an overwhelming increase in foot traffic.

“Utilizing Choozle to bring programmatic in-house, versus working with several different vendors, makes it much easier for us to strategize and pitch new business. With the amount of control Choozle gives us, we’re able to prove real-time success. Programmatic is the future, and it’s been really exciting for our team to own this part of our business.
–Kate Diehl, Director, Media Buying, One2One Targeting

Key Results:

  • Competitive CPMs between $4.50–$5.50
  • Client website sessions up by 59.28% in 2018
  • One2One gains an estimated one auto dealer per month with motivation to try programmatic

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