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May 21
Thayer Media Case Study

How Choozle helps Thayer Media and its clients save with in-house programmatic

The Thayer Media team has a saying: “The thought counts.” And it’s that motto that drives them to help their clients communicate effectively and efficiently with clients. By bringing programmatic media buying in-house using Choozle, they’re empowered to do just that in a way that’s dynamic, scalable, and transparent for their clients.

Agency media buying objectives

  • Eliminate markups through a third-party provider, resulting in direct cost savings
  • Win new business by offering elevated solutions and control through Choozle
  • Pass cost savings directly to clients by offering programmatic media buying in-house

Programmatic case study: Thayer Media

In-house programmatic powers direct cost savings and better results for agencies and their clients alike.

Before implementing Choozle as their in-house media buying solution, the team at Thayer needed more autonomy to do what they do best: win for their clients. Since deploying Choozle, Thayer Media has used its in-house programmatic capabilities as a value proposition to win new business—especially since they now have the ability to pass cost savings directly to their clients by eliminating unnecessary third-party markups. The research Thayer is equipped with for one client or industry inspires thinking in other ways, and what they learn from executing one client’s campaign helps to inform ever-evolving and better strategies for that client in the future.

“Minimums from other DSPs and third-party vendors were unattainable for many of our clients. Choozle allowed us to use the technology that larger advertisers use without the burden of minimums. We’re able to test theories & strategies and be an active part of the development process, ultimately winning more business for ourselves and our clients. Choozle empowers us to guide our own growth.”
–Chessie Little, Media Director at Thayer Media

Key Results:

  • 10–30% higher quality website visits
  • CPM savings between 15–50%
  • Higher impression delivery, when compared to a third-party vendor providing a set number of impressions at a set cost, without visibility of actual achieved CPMs in the RTB environment

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