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Jul 02
Choozle Case Study Sharpevision Modern LASIK

SharpeVision MODERN LASIK can see clearly now, with Choozle

SharpeVision MODERN LASIK’s promise is simple, yet powerful: to provide patients with a better LASIK experience. With locations in Austin, Chicago, and Seattle, their healthcare digital marketing strategy includes utilizing smart, targeted data to increase bookings in all three unique markets. SharpeVision is able to achieve its key objectives in record time by utilizing an approach that focuses on the capture of new clients, bringing them further down the conversion funnel, and using smart healthcare digital marketing strategies.

The Objective

  • Increase appointments and reduce cost-per-bookings across three U.S. locations
  • Execute prospecting and retargeting tactics simultaneously
  • Implement a hybrid service approach to maximize efficiency and results
  • Enable smart healthcare digital marketing strategies

The Solution

Together, Choozle and SharpeVision optimize campaigns towards gaining new appointment bookings by using both prospecting and retargeting at the ad group level for data-driven healthcare digital marketing strategies.

For prospecting specifically, there is a strong reliance on targeting using BlueKai, DStillery, and Eyeota data to reach both in-market and past-purchasers of contact lenses and eyeglasses. Contextual keyword targeting is used to serve ads to those researching LASIK surgery or prescription lenses online. Lastly, longer campaign flights allowed for auto-optimizations to take effect while updates to creative assets were made every 30–90 days.

“Choozle has consistently proven to be a top performer for us. Month-over-month, I can count on the strategies we deploy in Choozle to drive new traffic to our site and steadily increase appointment bookings for each of our locations.”
–Jeff Archambault, Director of Marketing, SharpeVision MODERN LASIK

Key Results

  • Average conversion per-impression (CPI) of 40% below traditional media types
  • Retargeting efforts consistently deliver low CPIs across all media types MoM
  • Choozle’s customer service and support ramped up our learning and success metrics were noticeable within the first 30-45 days

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