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Apr 25
Programmatic Advertising Supply Chain Printable Coloring Page Featured Image

The programmatic advertising supply chain

The programmatic advertising supply chain works it’s way through the online landscape almost instantaneously — finding, bidding on and serving an ad to a user in under 200 milliseconds, AKA, just long enough for a webpage to load.

That’s fast. Luckily, you have a little more time than that to get your to-do list checked off. In a study published in the Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, participants who were given a structured or geometric coloring page were drawn into a meditative-like state, ultimately reducing their anxiety. In addition, it was shown that when participants were given one thing to focus on, their brain relaxed.

However, since we all know there aren’t as many hours in the day as we’d sometimes like, we decided to combine stress relief with education!

Step 1: Pull out some colored pencils or felt-tip pens and get creative.

Step 2: Pay attention as you start to feel more focused and less stressed.

Step 3: Read through the page to further refine your knowledge about the programmatic supply chain. (And print out a few more for your co-workers!)

Download our free, print-ready coloring page – below – to de-stress while you learn about the programmatic advertising supply chain.

Choozle Printable Programmatic Ad Supply Chain Coloring Page


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