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Dec 12

Tips & mistakes for lead generation

Lead generation refers to the process of creating an interest in a product or service by prospecting potential clients to develop the sales pipeline. It is an integral part of any business as it is the backbone for receiving new customers. Whether you are business-to-business or business-to-consumer, generating leads will always be the start of your sales funnel. It’s important to know what types of mistakes you should avoid making when generating new leads and tips for producing successful ones. Below, find a couple of common mistakes sales teams can make and the tips for fixing them.


Mistake: Missing the Correct Content

One mistake commonly made in lead generation is missing the mark on creating the right content to generate solid leads. Whether that is through writing content on a blog not applicable to your perfect lead or having your website set up, so qualified leads miss the mark on engaging in lead generation. Content failing to peak the interests of the ideal consumer will continue to turn away solid leads until it is aimed closer to the right industry or interests of those being targeted.

Tip: Build Your Digital Presence

A way to fix or avoid missing the mark on creating the correct content is to start building your digital presence from the beginning or refresh to start attracting the leads you wish to reach. Business-to-business companies may want to look at sharing scholarly or news articles on platforms such as Twitter and writing relevant content towards your ideal consumer industry on a company blog. For business-to-consumer posting products on Instagram and sharing ways, your customer can use your product will reach those leads who are more willing to convert.

Mistake: Not Optimizing Different Tools

Additionally, another mistake made by salespeople is not taking advantage of the various tools that can be used in lead generation and optimizing those. Failing to share on social media, creating a blog not focused towards your industry trends, and creating too much time of lead generation forms can all turn away the typical consumer. Optimization of tools should go hand in hand with building your digital presence.

Tip: Seek Them Out

To optimize the various tools that can be used for lead generation, sales teams should consider using social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Depending on the types of leads you’re attempting to reach, social media networks can quickly present the correct person right in front of you. Sharing relevant content on these sights will continue to attract positive leads and keep the trend of building a strong digital presence in your industry. Posting surveys, sending out email campaigns with lead generation forms and attending conferences or other events within the sector are also positive ways to generate new leads.


There are many mistakes that can be made when trying to create leads in business. But, there are many other ways to fix those mistakes and have a strong lead generation within your sales team. Focusing on building a digital presence, avoiding creating irrelevant content, seeking out leads, and optimizing the different tools that can be used in lead generation are just a few of the positive things you can do to create the perfect lead for your business.

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