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Aug 17

What tools help with campaign efficiency for digital advertising?

We know that campaign efficiency can lead to an overall better performance. Additionally, we are aware of the different aspects that come in to play when running an efficient campaign for the platform, budget, audience, and targeting. However, there are also additional pieces that can lead to campaign efficiency, which are the tools being used within a platform. Three of the main tools in Choozle that an advertiser can use for better campaign efficiency include category and site lists, geolocation lists, and the Creative Assets Library.

Category and Site Lists

Choozle’s Site List Library allows advertisers to upload sites and categories they would like to specifically target or block during a campaign. Currently, advertisers are able to download a template, add in the sites and/or categories, then upload the completed list into Choozle. Once the list is uploaded, advertisers can choose to add the list in the Targeting –> Categories section of an ad group. In the coming weeks, Choozle will be rolling out a new version of the Category and Site List Library that will make this process even easier for advertisers. Keep an eye out for more information!

Geolocation List

In addition to category and site lists, advertisers can also create geolocation lists. A geolocation list allows advertisers to upload a specific list of zip codes that they would like to target throughout the duration of a campaign. This process is done the same way as uploading a category and site list. However, also like the Category and Site List Library, the Geolocation List Library is going through a revamp of its own. Zip codes will now be easier to upload and edit not just at the beginning of your campaign but at any point in time throughout the campaign’s flight dates. Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar on the NEW Geolocation List Library this month!

Creative Assets Library

The final tool in Choozle that can be used for better campaign efficiency is the new and improved Creative Assets Library. The new Creative Assets Library allows advertisers to bulk upload and edit all creative, organize creative, and streamline multiple creative assets. What used to take advertisers hours and hours to upload, can now be uploaded in a matter of minutes.

Campaign efficiency is all about saving time and doing the best work in the easiest way. With Choozle’s upcoming and new improvements advertisers are now able to use platform tools in the best way possible.

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