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Sep 08
Why create a digital advertising campaign around holidays & events?

Why create a digital advertising campaign around holidays & events?

Creating campaigns around holidays and end-of-year events allows you to not only reach you’re desired audience with a relatable advertisement but also presents the opportunity for a creative refresh across campaigns and timely advertisements.

Here are three great reasons to run campaigns around holidays and end-of-year events:

1. Theme

Changing seasons, popular holidays, and seasonal events create an automatic opportunity for new creative themes and updated words and phrasing to match. By following what is happening throughout the year, you should be able to update creative every 2-3 months. This could be something as simple as a snowy background on display ads or updating to “punny” phrases around Easter or mimicking the most recent meme that just went viral.

Don’t be afraid to try new things, follow what is happening in the world, and use that in your creative.

2. Consumer Mindset

Many consumers start thinking about an upcoming holiday or event months in advance. December and January in Colorado mean XGames, September means Halloween is coming, and May means school is ending and summer is here. Each time an event is approaching on the calendar, consumers are already in that mindset. Crafting ad copy and designs to fit with the timing of events, like the examples given, increases the consumer’s ability to relate. When the consumer can relate to an ad, you can expect to see the engagement with that ad also increase.

3. Timeline

Running a campaign around holidays, events, and seasons allows for an automatic timeline to prepare for that campaign. Whether it’s one week out or one month out, planning your campaign around something allows for flight dates to be easily decided. Aside from being able to easily set launch dates, planning a campaign around an event also allows the timeline for campaign strategy and materials to be set ahead of time. When you’re aware of when the specific event will be marketing around you can decide how far out you want to launch the campaign and prepare the ads and campaign to be ready by that date.

Planning campaigns around common events or just the changing seasons not only allows for fun and new creative every few weeks or months but also catches the eye of consumers and draws in engagement you might not get with normal digital advertisements.

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