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Aug 21

Why do I want campaign efficiency with digital advertising?

The art of campaign efficiency can be a tough one to master but is an important skill to have during any digital advertising campaign. There are two major benefits to campaign efficiency – time-saving and campaign performance. Knowing exactly how to target your audience in the right place, right time, and for the right cost is the perfect equation for running successful campaigns.

Time Savings

Are you tired of rushing to get the pieces of a campaign together and spending hours making adjustments? Becoming an expert in campaign efficiency can cut the time it takes you to run campaigns in half. Plan out your campaign and have all the items needed ready to go at least one week before the launch date. This includes all creatives and landing pages that will be used throughout the duration of the campaign. Be aware of the goals of the campaign, as well as budget, and decide the ad groups you’ll run and targeting strategies associated with each.

Having your campaign planned out and ready to go before the launch will make it that much easier and faster to get your digital advertising up and running.

Campaign Performance

Aside from the time savings, you can generate with better campaign efficiency, you can also increase the performance of your campaign. Setting days and times to check back into your campaigns will allow you to make the adjustments as needed and better allocate the budget being used. Once your campaign is launched, check back in every week or so and make optimizations as needed. Remember, wait at least 7-10 days in-between optimizations to give the campaign a chance to run at the new adjustment.

Pulling the reports and looking at the data will make it easier to decide what needs to be optimized and that much faster to change. There will no longer be a need to spend hours combing through the details of a campaign and fixing multiple pieces. Additionally, by pulling reports on a regular basis you’ll be able to see which creative works best, what sites your ads are displaying on, and who is actually engaging with your digital advertisements.

Becoming efficient at the programmatic platform of your choice and learning how to run campaigns the best way will lead to better use of time, budget, and positive campaign results.

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