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Dec 21

2017 round up

2017 was a year of advancements, growth, and a whole lot of fun in Choozle-land. Below, we’ve rounded up our most popular blog posts from throughout the year, from digital marketing tips and tricks to company achievements, starting with number one!

No. 1: Out of everything we’ve been recognized for so far this year, when any member of our team is highlighted, we do an extra special happy dance. In June, Choozle’s CEO and co-founder Andrew Fischer was a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year—Mountain Desert Award. From day one, Andrew and co-founder Jeff have worked to create an open door environment full of encouragement, balance, and support.

No. 2: Coming in at number two is our February 17th post about the benefits of programmatic. This blog clears up some of the questions brands or agencies may have when initially considering integrating programmatic advertising into their marketing strategy. The five pros included are transparency, real-time measurement, efficiency, targeting and reach. Head over to the full post for all the details!

No. 3: Speed is your friend, especially in digital advertising. There are a few different ways to ditch traditional media buying, including efficiency, but right up there with it is: it’s more cost-effective. Learn about these advantages in a creative-friendly infographic.

No. 4: You and your team have decided to start working in programmatic advertising to your client’s strategy, but who knew you’d be faced with so many options when actually implementing it? Blog number four explains the logic behind using a self-serve platform vs. having someone manage your accounts for you, and vise-versa.

No. 5: Our last post is anything but least; in fact, it’s uber-informative not only about the industry, but there are a few great takeaways from the results of our Digital Advertising Impacting User Experience survey for coming up with a marketing strategy that will speak to consumers. In fact, we predict that the conversation surrounding the customer experience will only pick up steam in the years to come.

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