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Feb 17

2021 Key Findings Report

The digital advertising space continues to rapidly evolve and grow, creating new opportunities to reach highly targeted audiences with engaging marketing content. The different number of ways to reach your corner of the market is massive, and the diversity of options is creating access for marketers to launch campaigns on advertising inventory that was traditionally expensive and difficult to reserve. From the TV screen to sophisticated remarketing and multi-screen campaigns, there are more opportunities than ever before to create detailed and effective digital marketing campaigns.

The data from Choozle’s Key Findings Report will help guide your marketing strategy as you execute 2022 and beyond. Understand how to evaluate your campaign’s success by comparing your results to marketplace averages and data from the Choozle platform.

Key takeaways from 2021

Connected TV ad spending in the US has increased by 59.9 percent to $14.44 billion during 2021.

  • The cost for video advertising will be higher, but it will have more engagement, higher completion rates, and brand resonance that is unique to this medium that display can’t deliver.
  • Often, marketers focus on using the least expensive CPM available instead of finding the perfect placements and audience.
  • Achieving effective CPMs across all channels creates more value for all of your campaigns.

Omnichannel strategy will encompass and help achieve all of your goals for 2022.

  • Maximize touchpoints with your audience.
  • Tailor messages to campaign goals and stages of the marketing funnel.

Explore new tactics and trends focused on customer trust.

  • The death of the third-party cookie is looming. Try focusing on strategies that will sustain results during this change.
  • Start building information about your audience now, while communicating your commitment to their privacy.

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