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Sep 27
Mid-Year Key Findings 2022 image

2022 Mid-Year Key Findings Report

Throughout the first half of 2022, we’ve experienced advertising trends that have asked us to grow and adapt to a changing world where people really care about digital advertising. Behaviors continue to evolve rapidly with new technology, along with new timelines for privacy-centric advertising and so much more.

The remainder of the year still has more in store for us that we will be able to take advantage of to build amazing campaigns for the return of Football, political advertising season, and the holiday season to cap it all off. As you look ahead and prepare for the second half of the year, use our Key Findings Report to guide your digital advertising strategy.

The data from Choozle’s Key Findings Report will help guide your marketing strategy as you execute the rest of 2022 and beyond. Understand how to evaluate your campaign’s success by comparing your results to marketplace averages and data from advertisers using Choozle.

Key takeaways from the first half of 2022
1. The deprecation of the third-party cookie is still on the horizon. Focus on strategies and technology partners that will maintain success as changes come later on.

  • Build useful information about your audience now, and show your commitment to moving forward in a privacy-centric era.
  • First-party data is the most accurate information available to you.

2. Prioritize connected TV in your omnichannel strategy to capitalize on effective TV advertising.

  • Separate your live connected TV event inventory from your videos and other creative types to ensure campaigns pace properly.
  • Marketers are continuing to diversify their advertising channels, media types, and device types for a dynamic campaign strategy while keeping CPMs low and engaging all consumers.

3. Regardless of your industry, the upcoming political election cycle will impact all channels and CPMs. Two ways to combat this are picking private marketplace deals that exclude political buyers or using site lists to avoid news sites.
Events that will affect CPMs across industries remaining in 2022:

  • Live sporting events
  • Holiday shopping season
  • Election and political advertising

The path forward in today’s digital advertising landscape is changing, but there are more growth opportunities for marketers to connect with audiences and make meaningful engagements.

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