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Feb 22

Utilizing high-quality connected TV deals on Choozle

Choozle prioritizes your ability to have a simple and understandable ad management experience by curating the highest quality inventory available for every campaign launched. Our non-conflicted platform brings together all sides to provide seamless access to top-quality, sourced connected TV (CTV) inventory. By using Choozle’s Deal Explorer, you are guaranteed inventory in brand-safe, high-traffic ad environments. Deliver your message to new audiences and reduce wasted ad spend on low-quality inventory when you run CTV ads with Choozle.

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Top-quality CTV placements

Choozle curated deals

Best practices

Key advantages

Top-quality CTV placements

Connected TV advertising is a game-changing opportunity to reach massive and highly targeted audiences watching national live streams of sports and other premiere TV. Reports show that over 213 million people watched TV monthly through an internet-connected device in 2021. That means over 72% of households are reachable through CTV. This scalability and the real-time nature of programmatic advertising enables you to narrow in on the most relevant audience segments while still being able to spend ad budget at scale.

Choozle curates and organizes the best private marketplace (PMP) deals available for CTV inventory, including both live-streaming and library streaming content. We recommend creating a strategy focused on building brand awareness while utilizing the first-party data gained during your CTV campaigns to effectively drive customers through your marketing funnel.

Access TV advertising staples, like live sports and local news, with the targeting capabilities and detailed digital advertising analytics. Compare inventory streaming on Hulu, Sling TV, ESPN, and more. Shop by household segmentation to target specific audiences based on demographics, purchase intenders, and behavioral data.

Events like NCAA March Madness, Champions League, or The Masters will build out your first-party data quickly with massive reach you can use to create retargeting campaigns.

Choozle curated deals

Choozle’s deal explorer is built to connect you with the highest-performing connected TV deals available right now. Browse sourced inventory for upcoming live events, audience segments, and contract groups with transparent CPMs and estimated impressions. Choozle’s deal library cuts through the clutter and curates inventory with proven success and scalability.

If you can think of any TV advertising opportunity, chances are we have access and can help you create a strategy around it, including shoulder content and other creative channels to scale your campaigns. The availability and rates of inventory are subject to change, but if you’re interested in seeing what’s available, Choozle has a pre-negotiated library with details on placement, dimensions, price floors, and geographic availability for inventory. If you’re interested in something specific, reach out to our Media Strategy team to build something around your goals.

Best practices

Connected TV advertising uses most of the same optimization tools that can be tailored to specific outcomes, but CTV campaigns can continue to be improved and utilized further with a little bit of knowledge and best practices to follow.

When using inventory with an oversized reach like most CTV placements, targeting geolocation, first-party data, or third-party data can help you hone in on your most valuable viewers and households. We recommend not excluding data segments when targeting CTV because audiences are based on entire households, so you could inadvertently narrow your reach. For example, if you exclude men, you will be excluding every household where a male resides.

Also, be sure to set up your live event CTV inventory in a separate ad group from the rest of your CTV and video inventory. This ensures that the pacing of the other ads won’t interfere with your ability to bid on these short spurt live events that need to pace individually.

Key Advantages

CTV allows for better control and transparency when creating a campaign. As said before, brand safety and viewability are guaranteed through the private marketplace deals curated by Choozle. If brand building is your goal, you’ll be able to set and track specific metrics to indicate your success that are unavailable through traditional TV marketing. You can find and track new audiences watching live events you wouldn’t be able to target otherwise. With that new audience data, you can continue to reach them with retargeting campaigns. Brand resonance is statistically much higher when consumers watch ads from the same brand on different mediums. Additionally, you can continue to connect your CTV ad exposure data with website visits, sales, and lead actions to better understand the brand impact of your CTV placements and the qualified leads attributed to the campaign. Compare placements, audiences, and creatives down to the deal level to understand what campaigns are driving success. And finally, the death of the third-party cookie is looming. CTV is one of the few digital channels that are mostly immune to its demise.

Shopping for internet-connected TV advertising is easy with Choozle. We set you up for success with top-quality CTV inventory with proven success, scalable reach, and in-depth targeting capabilities. If you are looking to build brand resonance during upcoming live sporting events like NCAA March Madness, check out Choozle’s Deal Explorer to fully understand what is available. And if you are interested in building out a retargeting strategy using your newfound CTV audience, reach out to our Media Strategy team to find out what can be done.

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Zack Rosse is a Content Specialist at Choozle – Easy Digital Advertising®. Always learning and connecting the dots, Zack helps translate some of the tougher answers to simple questions marketers ask themselves. Outside of the office, Zack loves hunting for old vinyl to add to his collection and picking up garbage on his favorite walking trails.

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