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Mar 18
Activating Amazon Ads through Choozle for results that matter

Activating Amazon Ads for results that matter

With billions of websites across the open web, it can be challenging to know how to place your digital ads to guarantee you reach your target in-market audience. Targeting tools like geolocation, site, category, and keyword targeting help your campaigns find your ideal audience on the open web, but using exclusive ad inventory, proprietary data, and targeting tools from Amazon Ads will help you to launch campaigns for massive audiences programmatically and with precision.

Amazon DSP Ads

Amazon has disrupted how consumers search, shop, and discover new brands. Both on and off their eCommerce site, consumers trust Amazon for reliable and accurate information about their favorite shopping brands, TV shows, and business tools.

While it seems like everyone buys everything off of Amazon, ​​only 10% of shoppers will purchase after their first search on Amazon, which means the other 90% of shoppers will continue exploring other options before making a purchase. And with over 2 billion monthly active users on their websites, the potential reach, scalability, and accuracy of Amazon’s advertising tools and data are some of the best available.

Choozle has partnered with Amazon Advertising and expanded our managed services to enable your ability to reach audiences across the Amazon ecosystem with Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP), Amazon publisher services, and more.

Key advantages of Amazon Ads

Launching a programmatic ad campaign with Amazon Ads comes with several benefits that will help keep your costs lower, your audience targeting accurate, and your campaigns much more scalable over time.

The first and most obvious advantage of creating a digital campaign with Amazon Ads is the direct buying path available for inventory. When buying directly from an exclusive source, like Amazon, there will be fewer supply fees and intermediary brokers, which means faster results with more money in your pocket.

The next advantage available with Amazon Ads, which almost can’t be overstated, is the access to ultra-detailed audience data exclusively through their platform. Amazon owns all of the data about their users around the globe, and the best way to access it is by working directly with them.

Amazon’s geolocation data encompasses all of the standard targeting capabilities like city or zip, but you are also able to combine travel and demographic data with consumers’ detailed geographic information to create audience groups like ‘mountain dwellers’ or ‘jet setters’ you can target across the country with confidence.

Obviously, Amazon is best known for their eCommerce site and all of the in-market audience data that comes from one of the most highly trafficked websites. Leverage data from the past 30 days based on users’ search and browsing history on Target and conquest specific products with Amazon’s ASIN product tags to compete for sales or complement upcoming purchases with your offer. Also, pair your campaigns with data that uses past purchase behavior to curate audiences that can be customized with layers of targeting.

And finally, Amazon offers free lookalike audience creation for any Amazon Ads campaign. Easily scale your most successful campaigns and reach a brand new audience using lookalike modeling. Other data providers will often charge additional fees and higher CPMs to create a lookalike audience, especially from a custom source, but Amazon Ads will help you reach and replicate your most important audiences.

Amazon’s exclusive data creates an opportunity to market to customers that are so in-market it’s not even funny. Create a strategy with Amazon Ads and target customers who have abandoned their cart for similar or competitive products and leverage Amazon’s product retargeting to start driving purchase intent shoppers towards your products and offerings.

Campaigns that yield results with Amazon Ads

Creating campaigns with Amazon Ads through Choozle makes it easy to visualize and report on your campaign’s impact on driving awareness, creating funnel conversions, and making sales for your brand. Compared to alternative channels, one advertiser reported that Amazon’s Ads improved their cost per click (CPC) by 37%, increased their click-through rate (CTR) by 34%, and drove a 137% increase in website sessions. With the detailed and accurate data tools Amazon offers, it is easy to find your target market and create campaigns that matter to them.

Consider the automotive data available through Amazon. Data from Amazon Garage gives you access to over 40% of registered vehicles in the US, so you can quickly reach new car owners, car shoppers, and DIY enthusiasts that are relevant to your marketing strategy. Launch campaigns based on real registration data and shopping history to connect with your audience. Coupled with the geolocation and lifestyle data available, retailers of all kinds can find and retarget their ideal shoppers as they browse on Amazon and surf the open web.

Amazon also offers access to connected TV (CTV) inventory across streaming platforms. Their direct buying path with networks and exclusive FireTV, IMBdTV, and Twitch inventory make for higher win rates and CPMs $4-$5 lower compared to other CTV options available.

Brands that sell on Amazon’s marketplace are also able to use Amazon’s augmented reporting capabilities, also known as Amazon Attribution, to see a level of detail that is not possible through other platforms.

Closed Loop Attribution Reporting: Attribute all metrics related to conversions (i.e., product detail page views, add to cart/list, purchases) for your campaign.

Brand Halo Reporting: Report on the attributed purchases of any of your brand’s products, not just the ones you’re advertising and driving traffic to, which provides a clearer picture of your total return on ad spend.

Retail Insights Reports: See the overall impact your campaign had on product considerations, awareness, and sales by visualizing retail performance before, during, and after the campaign.

Amazon Brand Lift Studies: Measure customer perceptions of your brand based on survey responses from both an ad-exposed Amazon shopper panel audience and an unexposed control group.

Amazon is the most popular online store in the US and has billions of monthly users worldwide. The level of exposure and detail Amazon can provide makes it easy to launch scalable campaigns that will reach your most desirable audiences. The tools and strategies available through Amazon Ads are very powerful if you have a specific audience in mind. Let us know what kind of campaign you want to launch with the power of Amazon Ads, and we’ll help you get started.

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