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Aug 19
Benefits of tag management for digital advertising campaigns

Benefits of tag management for digital advertising campaigns

One of the worst headaches marketers face is managing tags, conversion pixels, and landing page segmentation. To make tag management more accessible and more beneficial in the long run, the Choozle platform provides The Choozle Smart Container. This small, secure piece of code is placed on your website’s header to deliver audience insights from your visitors, gather retargeting audiences, and measure digital marketing campaign results that you can use to continue optimizing future campaigns.

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What is tag management?

How does tag management work?

Why is tag management beneficial?

What is tag management?

Tags are snippets of code that are usually placed in theof a webpage which enables user tracking, analysis, and reporting. Most digital advertising solutions use a tag to measure performance, attribution, and valuable user data. A tag, in this case, is simply another name for a piece of data-collecting code that the majority of digital vendors now require their customers to embed on their web pages and mobile apps.

Tag management is a concept that was born out of the increasing need for more agile marketing measurement and tracking ability. In some cases, managing and making changes to tags can be tedious and involve unnecessary red tape and coding knowledge. When tag management is done right, you can easily connect, manage and unify your digital marketing applications (e.g., web analytics, search engine marketing, email service provider, display advertising, social technologies, etc.) without a lot of ongoing development work.

With tag management, you are able to deploy a single tag on your pages – a tag container, so to speak – and then use an external solution to add, edit or remove any additional vendor tags in a fraction of the time it would take via manual software coding.

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How does tag management work?

The benefits of tag management become accessible and easy to do when using the Choozle Smart Container Tag. Once the Choozle Smart Container Tag is placed in your website’s header, you can begin to generate audience insights from your visitors, gather retargeting groups, and measure digital marketing campaign results. With the use of the Choozle Smart Container Tag, you can consolidate marketing actions from multiple sources into a single place without involving website developers.

  • To create audience insights, we match your site visitors against Choozle’s data partners and curate a robust Audience Insights profile for each user visiting your website.
  • For retargeting audiences, a collection of individual profiles will be automatically gathered from your site visitors that engage with your website. These different profiles can be saved as an audience and used in future digital marketing campaigns.
  • It also provides campaign measurement. When you deploy a digital marketing campaign through Choozle, the Choozle Smart Container will measure the campaign’s acquisitions based on defined conversion events.

Why is tag management beneficial?

Increase Marketing ROI. With a full 360 degree view of your website’s visitors, the Choozle Smart Container Tag can be used to develop granular tag deployment conditions for precise control over which marketing campaigns should target each customer that visits your site. Use your data to enrich web analytics for enhanced cross-channel segmentation and analysis, and improve campaign personalization with customized targeting and recommendations for your customers.

Faster implementation time. The Choozle Smart Container Tag puts you, not the development team, in the driver’s seat and enables you to visualize and respond to campaigns in real-time. This allows you to quickly swap out and create new conversion events or audience segmentation tags while reducing the time and cost that manually hard-coding marketing technologies would incur.

Faster page load. Choozle Smart Container Tag uses a unique tagging architecture that minimizes the data and tag code that is pushed to the user, keeping page loading times as fast as possible.

Reduce Tagging Errors. The Choozle Smart Container Tag minimizes the impact of site-wide changes. Conditions and additions to the container can be made remotely in a few simple steps without affecting code outside of The Smart Container Tag.

The benefits of tag management can have a huge impact on the data you collect and your ability to use it. Choozle’s Smart Container Tag is simple and optimized to help you track conversions and visualize your website’s data easily.

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