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Mar 24
choozlechat: Powering success for luxury travel brands with Neat Digital

choozlechat: Powering success for luxury travel brands with Neat Digital

Digital advertising strategies can vary greatly depending on the vertical and target audience. For marketers looking to tackle strategies for luxury travel, it wasn’t any different. While the strategies are different, the one thing they all have in common is the value of precise audience targeting.

We sat down with Jill Parkinson at Neat Digital to better understand how they put together digital advertising strategies for their clients.

Let’s start with an explanation of your role at Neat Digital.

Jill Parkinson, Media Planner: I’m the owner of Neat Digital, an ad agency based out of Las Vegas. We work with luxury travel brands to bring together marketing strategies that drive measurable results.

From your perspective, what is the benefit of having an in-house digital advertising solution at Neat Digital?

JP: Using an in-house digital advertising solution saves us time and money. We can plan and launch campaigns quickly without spending a lot of time communicating with multiple vendors or providers. Beyond the time it saves, our agency sees a fair amount of cost savings by running the campaigns within our own solution.

For your clients, what kind of strategies and tactics do you use?

JP: For the luxury travel brands we work with, they are looking to reach a very specific audience. Therefore, we look to leverage targeting tactics that allow us to have more control over the audience we are targeting. We use a mix of site list targeting, third-party data, and retargeting within our digital advertising campaigns. If available, we always try to incorporate first-party data of email lists or past visitors to use CRM onboarding.

How has Choozle helped you execute your campaigns and strategies for your clients?

JP: Luxury travel clients aren’t looking to target the masses. They are looking to reach very specific audiences that are affluent niche audiences. Choozle provides much better third-party data segments and tactic options than we’d find through advertising solutions on social media platforms or Google.

How have these strategies helped improve your campaigns and performance?

JP: Being able to target specific audiences in our campaigns allows us to drive results throughout the funnel. Using third-party data puts these affluent people into our marketing funnel and allows us to use retargeting to remind people to sign up. As a result, we see a higher click-through rate through ads we run through Choozle than ads we run on social media platforms.

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