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Nov 24
Demand Generation Best Practices to Increase Sales Leads

3 demand generation best practices to increase sales leads

Follow these demand generation best practices to create a well-oiled lead process, align your team, and achieve your sales goals.

There are different skills and tactics salespeople utilize to be successful. Varying companies rarely have the same approach or methodology, especially depending on the industry.

At Choozle, we’ve worked hard to build a strong collaborative culture. Below are some of the demand generation best practices our team uses daily to achieve our organization’s goals.

Organize and prioritize

Efficiently managing your time is absolutely essential to thriving in the world of sales. This begins at the top of the business funnel with prospecting.

The first step should be finding out who the appropriate clientele is. At Choozle, we align with our Marketing team to analyze current customer data to uncover what industries and types of companies we yield the most success with. We take advantage of these insights and reach out to our ideal potential clients to increase our chances of making the sale.

Contacting companies that are not a great fit for your product will be both time consuming and frustrating. Once you are able to find the ideal target market, it’s imperative that you are grabbing the attention of the correct point of contact. You may find the perfect company that would greatly benefit from your product, but you could be reaching out to the incorrect person. That would be an even bigger waste of time for both you and the prospect, hindering your chance of creating potential new business opportunities.

Once we are able to pinpoint both the appropriate organization and correct individual, the next step is making the perfect introduction.

First impressions count

When reaching out to contacts, it’s immensely important to have an excellent first impression. A poor attempt could lose the sale within seconds.

The last thing you want is for people to develop a negative connotation towards your organization before you even have a chance to make your pitch. That would be detrimental to your business funnel as it will end relations before even starting them. Unfortunately, it can be less-than-straightforward to do this. You may think a friendly phone call or email could be harmless, but to many, that could be annoying, especially if you’re not demonstrating any value or being clear and concise. People are busy; they don’t have time to read your lengthy email or hear your worn-out pitch asking them to buy your product.

Creativity plays an important role in executing a solid first impression. It’s crucial to tailor your messaging to both the company and the point of contact. Find out what their needs are and provide a solution with your product. Don’t just write a paragraph explaining what your organization offers; your email will be immediately moved to the trash. Research the company and see how you could be a potential fit for one another. The more information you have, the better you’ll be able to understand and assist the client. The better you know the client, the more deals you will close.

Importance of speed to lead

One thing the Sales team at Choozle really stresses is “speed to lead.” When an organization shows interest, we prioritize reaching out immediately as not to waste any time. This helps greatly with establishing that first impression. It’s vital as an organization that we are able to make contact with the potential client within five minutes or less of them reaching out. The sale could be won or lost within moments of the initial interest.

This rule we live by helps increase our chances of connecting with the potential client and differentiating us from the competition. Being the first one on the scene provides an incredible advantage. It shows respect for one another’s time and your eagerness to assist a prospective client. Not to mention people have lives–if they sit around waiting for a response, you’re more than likely to lose the sale.

Choozle understands that our customers’ satisfaction is just one of the many things that help us stand out from the crowd. We follow these demand generation best practices closely, which has helped us grow into a highly successful and efficient team.

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