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Sep 26

How to do digital advertising the right way: Start With Your ABCs

Tackling a digital advertising strategy can be overwhelming. Not only are there a lot of digital advertising tactics that can be used but there are multiple ways to execute your digital advertising campaigns. Ease your anxiety and take digital advertising by storm by remembering your ABC’s when creating a digital advertising campaign: audience, budget, and creative.


It is important to identify your target audience before launching a campaign so that your messaging will align with both your consumer and your brand. By leveraging programmatic advertising, marketers are empowered to use audience insights to make better-informed decisions. Marketers can also access data segments with programmatic to build custom audiences, allowing you to create highly targeted audiences, paired with a message that best resonates with your customers via multiple channels.


How much should you invest in your digital advertising campaign? There is no clear-cut answer to this question, but a good route to take when figuring out how much your business should allocate to your digital advertising campaigns is to ask your team a few questions. A real question to ask is how much are you investing in digital content overall? Your company should invest in digital content in some shape or form. A tip to remember is that it is important to add a clear call-to-action to all landing pages, which can increase the conversion rate 20%-95%. Other things to consider is the geographic reach or the size of your reach (narrow or broad) of your campaign. Budget allocation will be affected by these two things. These types of conversations will help guide you to a decision on the budget.


Creative is often placed on the back burner, however, building creative assets before a campaign is launched is critical. Your creative draws a consumer in and is what initially connects them with your brand. It is ultimately the first step in the conversion process. It is important to design your creative for your target audience and parallel the design and messaging with your landing page. As mentioned in the budget section above, it is crucial to have a clear call-to-action button, which will increase the rate of conversion.

Having your audience, budget, and creative ready to go before the launch of a campaign will help ensure that your messaging, targeting strategies, creative, and bidding strategy come together to make a killer cohesive digital advertising campaign.

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